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Operative Healer Guide

Inovisible has written an awesome guide for Operative Healers. It covers everything you need to know and explains all the stats diminishing returns and numbers you should be aiming at. He also has a cool Google Docs spreadsheet you can view whic...
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DPS Club

Naziha DPS Club Parses

Sniper VirulanceDPS: 9779.62 Log: crazy. I used rolling on the dummy though to get the extra damage from corrosive mine.I fucked up my energy management at the end so i need to play around a bit to che...
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Naziha1574Member avatar small Naziha 1y
DPS Club

DPS Club Updates

Hey everyone, so a few pieces of news for the DPS Club:Maester Tizia is now in charge of the DPS Club updates so everything is back in motion again. Please start submitting your parses and he'll get them updated.We're removing inactive members fr...
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Jugg tanking

Most of the info i can find is old and i gues outdated.So i vould like to know the three standaed questions1. Rotation singel/AOE.2 Stats to aim for in pve and if i can get i take pvp to. If i need to take mods or enhansments from other than the 2...
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Deacon's DPS corner

Melinoe - bringer of nightmares and madnessOperative - Concealment(I hate dots)8360.57 This is for myself to see what gear I had ;)Mastery: 5693Power: 3314Critical: 1725Alacrity: 1372Accuracy: 698 Power relic: 993 (230 proc)Mastery relic: 1046(236...
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Sage Balance / Sorcerer Madness Easy Guide

STATS POOL:NOTE: This Stats Pool is designed to 248 rating gear with 240 augmentsAccuracy Rating: 735 [109.99%] (5 augments, stim*)Critical Rating: 1633 (4 enhancements, 2 crystals, 4 augments, 2x66 pts from relics, stim*)Alacrity Rating: 1881 (6...
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DPS Club

Hobbit DPS Thread

Arsenal Mercenary (post setbonus patch)9077dps (with no stealth scan utility :angryface:)
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Eska (Sygrlin) DPS club

Sniper - Virulence10230 - Engineering10310
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DPS Club


Mercenary - Arsenal 9149.74 try, after few months i didn't played
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Argona'th dps parse club

Marauder carnage6541,34parsely
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DPS Club

Kailya DPS club

EthemeriamMadness sorc 248/236 gear dps: 9738.5
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DPS Club

Sharryl DPS club

Concealment Operative - 9529.18Engineering Sniper - 9987.12
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DPS Club

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DPS Club

Ækim - DPS Club

Mercenary Arsenal : 9025.38
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DPS Club

Louis DPS Club

after some ppl buzzing my head i did a bloody parse on imp side, was bloody awfull.Virulence Sniper: 8053
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Louis10590541Small Louis 1y
DPS Club

Kalunio DPS Club

OperativeLethality10,249.31 DPS
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DPS Club

Batmana DPS club parses

not much but its a start PT AP 8006.06
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DPS Club

Kremilek DPS Club

Kremílek - Mercenary - Innovative Ordnance - 9461.99 -
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DPS Club

Nimb DPS club

Nimbli - Lethality Operative - 10154.91
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DPS Club

Joejoe dps parse

9078 operative lethality 9038 mercenary arsenal
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