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DPS Club

Caiban Dps Club

Vengeance Jugg 10,5k
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Caiban249522Member avatar small Caiban 1y

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is a canon animated miniseries that will take place around all eras of the Star Wars universe. Consisting of sixteen episodes, it airs online and will air on television.Star Wars: Forces of Destiny is for anyone who ha...
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DPS Club

5.9 DPS Club Update

Hey guys, with 5.9, Parsely got reseted, even on classes with no changes. What does it means for us ? We will most likely reset all tables and have a fresh start. At the moment, the DPS Club is in pause for few days, I want to implement some chang...
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Ayur316733Small Chiara 1y
DPS Club

Uhkame DPS club

Sith AssassinDeception9.6k parse
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Uhkame101933Member avatar small Uhkame 1y
DPS Club

BattleBob's DPS club

PowertechAdvanced Prototype10003 returned to the game but this feels like a failure, i'm missing something. I compared my parse to the top AP parse and somehow the guy did a lot more damage with rocket p...
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Azarhia42066Member avatar small Azarhia 1y
DPS Club

Incura DPS Club

Sorcerer ~ MadnessParse ~ 9.522k ~ use of adrenals or raid buff. I will parse some more soon to get better scores, eventually.
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Incura92882Member avatar small Incura 1y
DPS Club

Smalykas DPS club

My top3 carnage marauder parses:9011.48958.18888.1Not sure how I got those two mega peaks in 2nd and 3rd parses...Gear rank 247. My stats atm: Your text to link here...Atm can't push more. I bet I should try to put 4 abilities into Ferocity window...
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Smalykas144751Small Smalykas 1y
DPS Club

Ayur ♥ DPS Club

Arsenal Merc 8262.21Virulence Sniper 8233.24both parses are without adrenals
Small Ayur 2y
Ayur186442Small Ayur 1y
DPS Club

DPS Club Reset!

As Ayur mentioned in his previous post, we have wiped the DPS Club tables due to the class changes in 5.9. He will start adding the new parses you've all been posting tomorrow so the tables should start filling up again soon.I haven't had time to...
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Ula Vii1574Small Ula Vii 1y

Old funny thing I came across ...

Came across this on an old EQ message board from a guild I was in back in 2003 - yes, we had internet back then too ;)The European Union commissioners have announced that agreement has been reached to adopt English as the preferred language for Eu...
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Mograz1947Small Mograz 1y

Beware: Achievement Resetting Bug

A new awesome bug has been introduced with patch 5.9 which resets your in progress achievements back to zero. It has been confirmed by multiple people and appears to be easily reproducible. Bioware have yet to respond. My recommendation is to scre...
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Ula Vii31209Small Ula Vii 1y
DPS Club

Ggeorgï DPS Club

Marauder - Fury10490
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Ggeorgï1406Member avatar small Ggeorgï 1y

Character Re-name

I am looking to buy 5 character renames at the price of 10 mill each. If anyone has any or spare cartel coins.
Small Folium 1y
Folium41172Small Folium 1y
DPS Club

Obsidian Killer DPS Club Parse Sorc: 9475 DPS
Small Obsidian 2y
Obsidian93341Small Ula Vii 1y
DPS Club

Kee'lan's DPS club

Figured I'd throw a few parses on here 😄Aleynna - Madness Sorc9957.79 DPSJeyda - Vengeance Jugg10724.52 DPS
Small Kee'lan 1y
Kee'lan1639Small Kee'lan 1y

"Do you feel lucky..."

"Well? Do ya?"
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Folium51508Member avatar small Hanna 1y

Efe Karacar's Sketchbook

Hey lads,I had this thread in official forums a while - well I am a concept artist/illustrator and started drawing stuff. Here I would like to share as well. (also my website - you like ^Day 1 -
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DPS Club

Yoyo'x DPS Parse

Madness Sorc 8027.54
Small yoyoXcamy 3y
yoyoXcamy63472Small yoyoXcamy 2y

Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Storymode Guide

Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Story mode GuidePlease be aware that the fight is very new and lots of these mechanics and explanations offered can be suboptimal and as more knowledge of fight is made known I will add/change the strategy. Huge thanks...
Small Riku 2y
Riku1217048Small Ario'ch 2y
DPS Club

Gelious DPS Club

Sith Marauder - Annihilation9207Full 248 gear, used Bloodthist and Accuracy stim, didn't use adrenalins because even through I am biochemist, I consider them wasted outside actual boss fight:DIt's not great, i know (*glances at all those 10k Anni ...
Small Gelious 2y
Gelious2413970Small Gelious 2y