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DPS Club

Dalgen Madness sorc parse Dps
Small Dalgen 2y
Dalgen93226Small Dalgen 2y
DPS Club

DPS Club Feburary 2018 Prizes

Hey all, as we have two new DPS Club Leaders I thought I'd make this post to remind everyone of a DPS Club tradition that is listed on the main DPS Club page but is all too frequently forgotten:"Prizes will be awarded on the last weekend of each m...
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Ula Vii1733Small Ula Vii 2y
DPS Club

DPS Club Update

Hi all, I know a lot of you are frustrated at the lack of DPS Club scoreboard updates and I wanted to post here to let you know what's going on.BackgroundOriginally when I was in charge I had to hand code every entry into the DPS Club scoreboard w...
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Ula Vii228205Small Louis 2y

LF Mercenary teacher

Hi guys, i'm looking for a master for my arsenal mercenary Tràkri, someone can help me? Thxi would like to learn basics like rotation and stats, if is possible! Bye
Member avatar small Kinpter 2y
Kinpter31903Small Leefty 2y
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DPS Club

Blabla DPS Club Parses

Marauder Annihilation 7261.05Madness Sorcerer 6474.43
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Blablajeroen5457823Member avatar small Blablajeroen 2y
DPS Club

Flond'o Dps club

Hatred assassin full 248 without new augments
Member avatar small Liffy 2y
Liffy1773Member avatar small Liffy 2y
DPS Club

Kaffesugen DPS Club

Sniper Viru9620 not the best but dam bioware they nerf it to mutsh :(Sniper Marksman8631 not my strong side :) need a lot of practise :P
Small Kaffesugen 2y
Kaffesugen166405Small Kaffesugen 2y
DPS Club

Shormayesh DPS club

I think it's time to create this topic :3 This will encourage me to play better and stop slacking all the time.Well, this is my first parse with Operative Lethality - 9880 ( Rotation still looks like face'n'ro...
Small Shormayesh 2y
Shormayesh1570Small Shormayesh 2y

Breaking Bad SWTOR Style

I found Heisenberg!
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Sithoutcast31587Member avatar small Lortroka 2y

Extreme adventuring whith Mauser and Dalgen you ever Wondered what Korriban truly looks like, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the real Valley of the Dark Lords.Mauser and Dalgen (Sniper & Sorcerer) ...
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Dalgen21210Small Louis 2y
DPS Club

Nyx'val-DPS Club

Powertech AP
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Tips & Tricks

Class and spec overview

Thought this was handy and wanted to share it.
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Telixa11150Member avatar small Telixa 2y

Quest to Mastery (Master/Nim Operations achievments)

Hello AllI am on a quest to mastery to work and train best i can to become to be good enough to achieve the master mode operations and their special goodies. I am interested to see if people are interested in accompanying me on my quest so we can ...
Small Dalgen 2y
Dalgen93123Small Deacon 2y
Tips & Tricks

Where tf is loot?

Are you a derp like me, and can't remember where which piece of equipment drops? (Edit: And also think guides like dulfy etc. don't really offer a quick overview)I made a thing, feel free to use it if you need.
Member avatar small Thiil 2y
Thiil103487Member avatar small Thiil 2y

Scyva, Mother of Sorrows, Storymode Guide

Optimal Setup: 1 Tank, 5 DPS and 2 Healers Map over Scvyas Room, entrance from the top. Phase 1 - Omega Protocol DroidPosition it close to one of the shield generators, indicated in the picture above with a shield, they glow slightly green while a...
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Riku38172Small Riku 2y


Hello fellow wookies!Yesterday I broke my right arm and due to that injury I an prevented from playing SWTOR. Doctor said that recovery will take atleast 1 month. I have said goodbye to my squad but not farewell, and I am saying same to you. Feel ...
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For the 40K lovers out there.

Watch this trailer: watch the prologue here: with the sound turned UP!
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DPS Club

Esk'a (Sygrlin) DPS club

Advanced class: SniperSpecialization: VirulenceDPS: 9575
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Sygrlin124286Member avatar small Sygrlin 2y

storry order for new and returning players

found a great post on Reddit for any players who wonder what the order of all quests/mission/storylines
Small brutal aka tomski 2y
brutal aka tomski 21178Member avatar small Anotrath 2y
Tips & Tricks

Outlaws Den PvP achievements

Hey. I know there are some rules to Outlaws Den PvP achievements, so could any1 tell me what kind of groups are needed to do those achievements?
Member avatar small Secrus 2y
Secrus21553Small Ula Vii 2y