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The Giant Robot Duel

After all the build up over the last year, the Giant Robot Duel finally happened: rounds (so you can skip all the talking in between):Round 1Round 2Round 3I'm not totally sure why the fight hosts and the...
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DPS Club

Maircrist Dps Club Parse
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Maircrist73268Member avatar small Maircrist 2y
DPS Club

Parse Reset?

When will parses for nerfed classes like lightning be reset on stroke my wookie website? I would like to get my rank on Obsidian Killer as soon as possible.
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Obsidian51809Small Obsidian 2y

Google doc with stats 5.x

I got this link but I don't know exactly how it works.Does anyone knows it? Does it give more information that the dulfy guide for your spec and the bants topic for opt gear?
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WTB keyboard

if anyone happens to have this keyboard in good condition and wanna sell it contact me pls - - wasnt very popular from...
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DPS Club

Parse reset after huge changes?

Greetings,If this is somewhere said already, please excuse my ignorance. In that case please point me out to the answer I am looking for.The question is:When does our DPS Club reset parses?For example, with huge dps changes like in patch 5.5 lot's...
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Tips & Tricks

Easy way to get new stronghold Proprietor achievements

Hey all, if you already have all the strongholds unlocked then an easy way to get the 7 new "Stronghold Proprietor" achievements (added with 5.5) is to create a level 1 scoundrel/agent character, leave the starter room and then travel to each of y...
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TotalBiscuit talks about lootboxes/gambling he talks about Battlefront 2, from the 28th minute he talks about gambling issues in general.This affects TOR, we have 2 different lootboxes in the game(Cartel Market boxes and GC boxes).I think...
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DPS Club

DPS Club September Rewards

Top 1 player on each class gets to choose a prize from our prize vault.Here are the winners and how many prizes they can pick:Blabla - 2H-man - 1Jeo'jo - 1Louis - 1Maircrist - 1Reborn - 1Winky - 1To ask for those prizes ask either me or Flavah for...
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LF Sorc Madness teacher

Hey, as subject says, I am looking for someone to talk about rotation for Madness sorc. Either in comments under this topic, or by private mail on site. May the Force serve you well!
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DPS Club

Annabel Blázy dps club

MerceneryInnovative Ordnance9684.42
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Reborn31594Small Reborn 2y
Tips & Tricks

[How To] Use Your Unassembled Components

A lot of people don't seem to realise you can get 248 set bonus gear without sacrificing your children to the Command Crate RNG demons. You can get top level set bonus 248 gear with just your Unassembled Components from Warzones/GSF and a few Com...
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PT tank

Hey, As I already have sin and jugg tank, i was wondering about pT tanking, but when i looked at it, besides targeted mass taunt, i did not notice any great thing that would be encouraging to play class. I mean, there is no real defensives, no che...
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Tips & Tricks

Stealth revive

Not sure if this has been mentioned in the forums before, but here goes ... Some tips and tricks gathered from the SWTOR forums and reddit AFTER the right-click rezzing has been brokenPREPARATION BEFORE THE RAID- Put on your quickbars the Revive a...
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DPS Club

Falco'Ameta Dps Club

Juggernaut Vengeance 9343.64 gave it a few tries and certainly get better with time (Like a good wine :D) (The character is currently in the Iokath Alliance Guild but will be back next week in SMW of course)
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DPS Club

Leefty DPS Club parses

Phantom'duck Operative Lethality 9542Mastery: 6666Power: 3716Crit: 1606Alacrity: 1302
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Leefty21355Small Leefty 2y
DPS Club

DPS Club August Special Rewards!

Marking the return of the DPS Club monthly rewards as previously announced this month rewards are special and not only for damage master on every class but for all the parsers who made top 5 on each classes (by this I dont mean you have to be on ...
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Star Wars: Blips

Star Wars Blips is a series of animated YouTube short videos produced by Star Wars YouTube channel featuring BB-8 and R2-D2.These are all the episodes so far and I will keep adding new ones as they are released: Lighsaber One Up Out of Reach ...
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DPS Club

Qrylicious' DPS club parse

Deception AssassinDps: 9233.1
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DPS Club

Quorra'ns DPS Club Parses

Quorra'ns Operative Lethality 6503.58.(Time to practice concealment!)
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