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DPS Club

Dps Club Changes 5.4

Hey guys! The Dps club has been updated again for this months Return of Monthly Prizes #13412038 Ula Vii wrote:Returning to monthly prizes!Our original intent with the one-off Super DPS Club Contest was to make that huge 120 million credit prize ...
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Flava'h1683Small Flava'h 2y
DPS Club

DPS Club Changes

Clearly the discussion from the other day in both the shoutbox and the Character Not In Guild thread brought out a lot of different opinions and after much deliberation a few changes are going to happen:We now have two DPS Club LeadersFlava'h has ...
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Ula Vii1867Small Ula Vii 2y
DPS Club

Characters Not In Guild

Rule #10 has caused some disruption in our sites Shout Box and I thought it deserved its own thread:Rule #10: Your character must be in Stroke my Wookie and this must be displayed on the Parsely websiteThis rule is there for a number of reasons: ...
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DPS Club

Dps Club Updating

Hey guys, here i will make a quick post about how and when i update the Dps Club.1st of all: I don't have a schedule, i am pretty busy with work and recovering from a bad back + raiding that most of the time i am just too tired and want to relax.2...
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[USE INSTEAD OF SHOUTBOX] Reaction to "How class balance happens"

The thread How class balance happens seemed to have created a conversation which seems quite long. Instead of covering the shoutbox lets continue the conversation here (for those interested, it begin's in Septima's shout with the link to the threa...
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Juggernaut Vengeance Rotation & Theory

Initially I decided to just make a quick Vengeance Juggernaut rotation guide, but it quickly evolved into a more comprehensive guide for new and experienced players alike. I have a tendency to lose control like that. So without further ado:PVE: PL...
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DPS Club

Revan DPS Club
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black viper1991Member avatar small black viper 2y
DPS Club

Harambe DPS Club

Innovative Ordnance, Mercenary9296Still learning IO but it's a start I guess... also give 248 left side :x
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Server Rejoice: Raynarog/Merovejec [not] Defeated by Musco

EDIT: Sadly this post is now outdated, turns out Eric Musco either lifted his ban again or never banned him at all, read my reply a few comments down. "Something like that"😁 😄 😃Many of you know how GSF, PvP and Ranked PvP were under siege by a sel...
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DPS Club

Zara's DPS club

Assassin - Deception10244.99Making mistakes, still learning.
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DPS Club

We'xow DPS club

Char name- We'xowClass- AssassinSpec- Deception
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DPS Club

DPS Club leaderboards after the 5.3 sweeping nerf

Hey fellow dummy heroes! Following today's class balancing changes for 5.3, obviously its likely a reset to the dps club leaderboards will occur. I'm curious as to whether this counts for all classes, including the ones that haven't been affected....
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Tips & Tricks

How to get delivery confirmation for in-game mail

I do not remember if this has been mentioned in the past, but here is a neat way to achieve the following:- get notified when your in-game mails are delivered- get your attachments safely back if your mail is (for any reason) not delivered Here is...
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DPS Club

Aöen Dps Club

Assassin-Deception9900.23 let's start grinding !*not full geared
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DPS Club

Misslunatic DPS Club

Mercenary - Arsenal 7694
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Tips & Tricks

CXP Farm (stealth)

First i want to apologize if my english is bad but... Hope you won't judge me ^^"I searched for the best way to grind CXP atm on reddit, swtor forums etc... And didn't find anything extraordinary so.. I managed to find a better way to grind some 2...
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DPS Club

Special June 6th DPS Club Contest

Competition time! Get into any of our DPS Club Top 5 Class Tables by Tuesday June 6th to win the prizes. Through power, you gain victory, start submitting your parses now 💪 1st: 5 Million Credits 2nd: 4 Million Credits 3rd: 3 Million Credits...
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DPS Club

Decimus DPS club parses

Arsenal Mercenary - 9921.72
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Decimus42449Small Decimus 2y
DPS Club

Drízzle Dps club 9233.18
Small Drizzle 2y
Drizzle104662Small Drizzle 2y
DPS Club

Thrass DPS parse

Mercenary ArsenalDPS: 10042
Small Thrass 2y
Thrass115705Small Thrass 2y