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[Pinned] The end of GTN scammers

Today I worked out an easy way to help loads of people from making terrible purchases on the GTN. A lot of people won't know what I'm talking about but I know more that will ;)The trickThe trick works by taking advantage of the font used on the G...
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[Pinned] Rules, Suggestions & Complaints

We are a large guild with wookies from all over the galaxy and whilst we do our best to be friendly and social, problems do happen from time to time at which point we tend to get asked the same questions.What are the rules?The only rules we have a...
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[Pinned] Ranked PvP & Crafting Mats

I've explained this to a few people in /g since they added the new materials as a reward for Ranked PvP but tonight some officers asked me to make a formal post about it due to some "discussion" that happened in guild chat while I was offline.My v...
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Hello all.Rejoined the Guild after breaks from the game on-and-off during the last 3 years. Played since launch and always been more wired towards PvP (Concealment Operative). Recently got into GSF.Looking forward to getting involved!Wyles
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Returning Player

HI everyone Sidious here I am wanting to return to the guild as I have been away from the game for a while due to covid and and not been able to play for a while. Been stuck at the partners place since lockdown and was in the middle of moving in :...
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Returning player.

Hello all. I came back after another long break to swtor. I wonder if I can join the best swtor guild again.
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May I come back?..

Posted in my original application but it's probably no visible anymore..Hello guys, i've been away for over 3 years, lots of things went down in my life.Sorry I went MIA like that, looking back it wouldn't appear to be overly polite.If you have sp...
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Playing swtor again

Returning player here. Leveled up a new toon , is there anyway to get him in to the guild if there's still a slot. Also updated my character profile to match the new toon im using now.
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Returning player back from a long break, is it possible to get a inv to guild again?Ironia Starlight
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Returning to swtor (end of month)

yo guys,Been a while since last played swtor, took a long break due to work etc but now in new job so no longer army woo!Wondering if I'd need to reapply to join when I start again? Tried joining the discord but bot won't let me in I think haha.Wi...
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Dara Dara the Thief.

Normal day, normal Shellshock run. Only advertisement was the type of: LFM dps for Shellshock. Nothing else, guess what happened next guys: He simply took the pet for himself and as u can see from the chat the grp wasnt aware the master looter had...
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6.0 PvE Guide to All Classes Tacticals, Set Bonuses, Amplifiers and Stat distribution

NotesST = Single TargetAoE = Area of EffectB Mods = High endurance item modificationsGCD = Global CooldownClass GuidesPvE Guides Assassin Tank Vanguard Tank Operative Healer Lightning Sorcerer Juggernaut Tank PvP GuidesHatred AssassinKeep in mind...
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Hey I am back! Long time no see, Stroke My Wookie :) Can I get a ginvite for my 4 characters I play most? They're Qvssorra (rep), Qvssor (imp), Qvssorr (rep) and Qassorra (imp). I do PVP, mostly ranked, as a sorc/sage healer and operative/scoundre...
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Custom Starparse Timers

My go to site for Custom StarParse timers has died :( RiP So I'm posting mine so they will be saved:My custom timers Plus I managed to find an archived screenshot of this site for anyone that is after additional timers:webarchive image of ...
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George Lucas' Amazing Story

In case you missed it. YoutubeFacebook
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Ello I just joined the guild

What is the time zone that is used to schedule ops here ?
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Star Wars - The Old Republic - Mind Your Step (Master)

Was luckey to get some good info about getting this achievement.Got a video of the kill with the achievement
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Lost wookie trying to find a way home

Hey guys!I don't know how many of the old guard are left, but I feel like playing some again, and wonder if I could rejoin with my lightning sorc "drstronklove"?I used to play a couple of years ago, mainly on the bounty hunter "stronklove", maybe ...
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TL:DR Guide to Geonosian Queen Hardmode

Just some notes to keep in mind if pugging/doing the boss in a guild group and people don't have that much knowledge, feel free to fill in any advice you have or strategy that works for you!Setup: 1 Tank, 5 DPS and 2 Healers (alternative approach,...
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Banned: Zárathüstra

I'm posting publicly as an example to everybody. This is definitely not something I do regularly but I want to express my disappointment in Zara and my expectation of behavior from guild members.We've had a long history of problems with Zara and ...
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