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"Do you feel lucky..."

"Well? Do ya?"
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Folium51430Member avatar small Hanna 1y

Efe Karacar's Sketchbook

Hey lads,I had this thread in official forums a while - well I am a concept artist/illustrator and started drawing stuff. Here I would like to share as well. (also my website - you like ^Day 1 -
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Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Storymode Guide

Izax, the Ultimate Devourer, Story mode GuidePlease be aware that the fight is very new and lots of these mechanics and explanations offered can be suboptimal and as more knowledge of fight is made known I will add/change the strategy. Huge thanks...
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Breaking Bad SWTOR Style

I found Heisenberg!
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Extreme adventuring whith Mauser and Dalgen you ever Wondered what Korriban truly looks like, have you ever wondered what it would be like to see the real Valley of the Dark Lords.Mauser and Dalgen (Sniper & Sorcerer) ...
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Dalgen21167Small Louis 2y

Quest to Mastery (Master/Nim Operations achievments)

Hello AllI am on a quest to mastery to work and train best i can to become to be good enough to achieve the master mode operations and their special goodies. I am interested to see if people are interested in accompanying me on my quest so we can ...
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Dalgen93028Small Deacon 2y

Scyva, Mother of Sorrows, Storymode Guide

Optimal Setup: 1 Tank, 5 DPS and 2 Healers Map over Scvyas Room, entrance from the top. Phase 1 - Omega Protocol DroidPosition it close to one of the shield generators, indicated in the picture above with a shield, they glow slightly green while a...
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Hello fellow wookies!Yesterday I broke my right arm and due to that injury I an prevented from playing SWTOR. Doctor said that recovery will take atleast 1 month. I have said goodbye to my squad but not farewell, and I am saying same to you. Feel ...
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For the 40K lovers out there.

Watch this trailer: watch the prologue here: with the sound turned UP!
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storry order for new and returning players

found a great post on Reddit for any players who wonder what the order of all quests/mission/storylines
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brutal aka tomski 21132Member avatar small Anotrath 2y

NVidia Giveaway: SWTOR Rule the Galaxy Story Packs

Heya all,’re giving away STAR WARS™: THE OLD REPUBLIC™ “Rule the Galaxy Story Packs” for a limited time to GeForce Experience community members! The new pack includes the epic Kn...
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Nahut, Son of Shadow - 8man Storymode Guide

Since I generally don’t write guides, feel free to drop feedback, advise, tips, corrects and so on in the comments below!IntroductionNahut on Story Mode is balanced for 234 gear with no augments, enrage is ~15 minutes, I have tried to make this gu...
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Buy Your Cheap Companion Gifts While You Can!

The vendor Tahoota on the Imperial Fleet (Galactic Trade Network Section) is selling rank 5 Courting, Cultural Artifact and Imperial Memorabilia companion gifts for just 960 credits each. The rank 1 is 20 credits and rank 2 are 60. The bugged co...
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Ula Vii1841Small Ula Vii 2y

Restore Custom Chat Channels & Previous States

One of the things that is reset after the merge is your custom chat channels and your previous selections like minimap zoom, group finder options etc. This is because the game recreates some of your UI files for the new server. All of these are ...
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Ula Vii52566Member avatar small Krixtina 2y

Wtb statue of Karagga

Hey guildies,Bit of a long shot but Im looking to buy a statue of Karagga for my Nar Shaddaa stronghold. (The golden one, not the commemerative one)If you have one and are willing to part with it for a reasonable price please let me know.Cheers,As...
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No Conquest Oct 24th-Nov 13th

I got a mail from somebody that was wondering why I had removed our weekly CQ events from the calendar. This is because BW have disabled the conquest system for the next 3 weeks as they prepare for the server merges. Oct 24th - Time of Peace Oc...
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Ula Vii31518Small Deacon 2y

Star Wars Doc in french

To celebrate 40 years of SW, french team has created a special video.It's in french, so it can give you a good reason to learn this beautiful language :)
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Anotrath1851Member avatar small Anotrath 2y

The Giant Robot Duel

After all the build up over the last year, the Giant Robot Duel finally happened: rounds (so you can skip all the talking in between):Round 1Round 2Round 3I'm not totally sure why the fight hosts and the...
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Ula Vii21208Member avatar small Miley Fury 2y

WTB keyboard

if anyone happens to have this keyboard in good condition and wanna sell it contact me pls - - wasnt very popular from...
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Darknell11040Small Darknell 2y

TotalBiscuit talks about lootboxes/gambling he talks about Battlefront 2, from the 28th minute he talks about gambling issues in general.This affects TOR, we have 2 different lootboxes in the game(Cartel Market boxes and GC boxes).I think...
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