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Rogue 1 kicks ass!

I've watched it on IMAX so I was double stunned! Strong 7.8/10 on IMDB scale and definitely 10/10 on Star Wars Movies scale and first place, dethroning after 37 years Empire Strikes Back.If Episode V had space fight scene from Episode VI it would ...
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new UK internet surveillance law starts this week

ok a non swtor thing in here for once If you're in the uk (or other places) and don't want your browsers record snooped on as this week the law in the uk changed this week and all your browser is now recorded by your isp for 1year if you don't wan...
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SPREADSHEET - Decorations

Hello all!As promised for the House Party event, for which I am very grateful for the organizers and the participants and as a thank you token, I am sharing this spreadsheet that I made by myself.This excel helps me to navigate through all the dec...
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Free 2 Play Restrictions

I found this list of the restrictions for F2P and Preferred status members on the official site. It seems up-to-date and quite useful.Subscription, Preferred, Free-to-Play Features
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Petition: Server Transfers

Instead of repeating myself, please go and read the thread I wrote on the SWTOR general forum.This thread on our forum is for the guild to discuss what this means for the future. When you've read the main thread, open the spoiler below 😄 Are we g...
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Transfer Preperations

Last night Bioware responded to our petition for help.if we reduced transfer prices for a week, would that allow you all enough time to organize your guilds to transfer to the place that makes the most sense for your guild?I am hoping to receive f...
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The Red Eclipse Transfer

Hello guys. I moved to TRE server and it is lot more active server than our dead TOFN. I can see that u guys negotiate to transfer. Are you guys planing to come to TRE? I would love to see you guys there, becouise afther 2 weeks of play there, I ...
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What music are you listening to?

Just felt like starting another of these cliché threads. Because why not :pCurrently I am obsessed with these two songs and I felt like sharingThe Rumour Said Fire - The BalconyJon Gomm - EverythingAlso I have this youtube playlist (that I occasio...
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Warning about abusing access to Republic Fleet/Starter Planets

Hey all, Infiltration Expert Visila told me she was on Ord Mantel earlier today and while watching the game forums I saw that the thread there about it has become very active. I think this bug has been in there for a while but it only really got ...
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Inspector Visila exposes a scammer VIDEO EVIDENCE

1. Some guy claiming he got scammed, didn't believe him so i decided to do a little investigating2. Spymaster visila went undercover3. Video evidence of the attempted scam against me
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Strange response from GTN sale

Today I got an e-mail for an item sale on GTN which went like this:"Someone has purchased the item you put up for sale on the Galactic Trade Network. Attached is your asking price and deposit, less the Galactic Trade Network's commission."Usually ...
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