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Returnung player needs advice

Hey everyone, I trust you are all safe and well?Mature, returning Founder player here. Due to work, I mainly solo but want to do my small part in helping this guild.I have a Cathar Bounty Hunter as a PowerTech - luv to set them on fire etc and sim...
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Augment advice -

Hello - Late game noob here, First off - apologies if there are rules for who can and can’t post threads, the recruitment link isn’t working. Il happily delete this if it’s not appropriate.Looking for advise on how best to fully augment my 306 set...
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6.0 Operative Healing guide by BillyPotatoes

Found this on theorycrafting discord this morning, hope it helps at least someone :) probing.Also in regards to the drama ~week ago.If you disagree with the g...
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Mercenary - Innovate Ordnance

Just a little tip for beginners.Thermal Detonator - when heat 0 - 10Missle blast - when target HP below 30%
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6,0 Sin Tanking Guide by Jaydenz of the 7 teams

Hello, linking the Jaydenz Sin Guide, for all not in the theory crafter discord.Guides include gearing, utilities, and tips on raid fights. IMP Version: Version...
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Juggernaut PVP

Hey boyz...Cant find a PvP guide for Vengeance/Rage but maybe you can help me out.What stats and augments should I run on Vengeance and what on Rage ? Any tips on utilites for WZ and arenas would be much appreciated
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Jugg TANK 258 set.

Could anyone advise me how to build 258 tank set? My biggest concern are mods.What should I pick instead regular Lethals 54B? If anyone have specific stats I would be gratefull
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Madness Sorcerer stat-sheet, optimised for 248 gear and 228 augments.

While setting up the gear for my Sorcerer, I set up an excel spreadsheet to mess around with the Tertiary stats in 248 gear and 228 augments. Tertiary stats are Alacrity Rating/Crit Rating/Accuracy Rating.The BiS stats in this gear for a madness s...
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Operative Healer Guide

Inovisible has written an awesome guide for Operative Healers. It covers everything you need to know and explains all the stats diminishing returns and numbers you should be aiming at. He also has a cool Google Docs spreadsheet you can view whic...
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Jugg tanking

Most of the info i can find is old and i gues outdated.So i vould like to know the three standaed questions1. Rotation singel/AOE.2 Stats to aim for in pve and if i can get i take pvp to. If i need to take mods or enhansments from other than the 2...
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Sage Balance / Sorcerer Madness Easy Guide

STATS POOL:NOTE: This Stats Pool is designed to 248 rating gear with 240 augmentsAccuracy Rating: 735 [109.99%] (5 augments, stim*)Critical Rating: 1633 (4 enhancements, 2 crystals, 4 augments, 2x66 pts from relics, stim*)Alacrity Rating: 1881 (6...
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LF Mercenary teacher

Hi guys, i'm looking for a master for my arsenal mercenary Tràkri, someone can help me? Thxi would like to learn basics like rotation and stats, if is possible! Bye
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Google doc with stats 5.x

I got this link but I don't know exactly how it works.Does anyone knows it? Does it give more information that the dulfy guide for your spec and the bants topic for opt gear?
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LF Sorc Madness teacher

Hey, as subject says, I am looking for someone to talk about rotation for Madness sorc. Either in comments under this topic, or by private mail on site. May the Force serve you well!
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PT tank

Hey, As I already have sin and jugg tank, i was wondering about pT tanking, but when i looked at it, besides targeted mass taunt, i did not notice any great thing that would be encouraging to play class. I mean, there is no real defensives, no che...
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Juggernaut Vengeance Rotation & Theory

Initially I decided to just make a quick Vengeance Juggernaut rotation guide, but it quickly evolved into a more comprehensive guide for new and experienced players alike. I have a tendency to lose control like that. So without further ado:PVE: PL...
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Juggernaut Rage Rotation 5.0 (Theory-crafting)

Greetings,I love playing Rage Jugg in warzones, for the great burst and pushing people around :)After checking Gants great work about theory-crafting for all classes in 5.0, I decided to create some rotation for working Rage inside Operations, whi...
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Powertech Advanced Prototype Timers

This thread is made for posting timers for the Advanced Prototype Spec
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4.0 Class Guides

Please note that the list of class guides has been moved to our Links page to keep everything in one place. This thread is just used to let people know when a new one has been added.
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5.0 Datamined Abilities

Not sure this is legit, maybe someone that uses the SWTOR Reddit more can vouch for PvPretender/Kre'a?5.0 Datamined Abilities and passives
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