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Marauder Carnage Star Parse Timers

This thread is made to post custom timers for marauder carnage to help newcommers to the class get the most out of it
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New Jugg calling for help!

So I love my Sniper but sometimes it's nice to wield a lightsaber. Levelling my Rage Juggernaught from 55 to 60 but no idea how to play one. Any super duper Ragers out there willing to help a Sith Warrior noob?
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Celiarra Onasi32100Small Flamen 6y

Juggernaut Tank 3.0

This is the discipline I am considering to use for my Juggy tank. Any thoughts?As regards the rotation, I imagine that the only change will be Aegis Assault replacing Sundering Assault.
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PowerTech Tanking 3.0

My preferred Utility skills: Your text to link here...Your 2 cents about it would be insightful.Grts Derp
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Mercenary DD 3.0

The discipline for my Arsenal Merc, or at least one of the viable options. For Arsenal I believe it highly depends which skills will be chosen based on the fight and on the role of the Merc in it.As regards the rotation ... I am not sure yet, kind...
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Powertech / Shieldtech stats help

Hi, I've reached most of my equipment is 162 and higher. All the guides say I should be speccing sheild / defense / endurance, but none of the stuff I can buy has any of that. They all focus on absorbtion / endurance. I've tried buying high level ...
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Sorc Hybrid dps-healer

For the second boss of DP Nm a sorc dps-healer is recommened.That's why i'm starting this thread to gather goodbuild people might know about that can be used for a hybrid between healer and dps.Anyone any good builds?
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Sorcerer Healer PvE

So, I am starting this :PEvethor, Blurr and anyone else interested please post your thoughts, advice, suggestions, questions, objections here.Basically, I am interested in everything that would help being a better healer in patch 2.0: skill tree, ...
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Sorcerer DPS (Lightning/Madness/Hybrid)

Allise and myself will be putting together something guide-like on Sorc DPS (hopefully tomorrow at some point, if not the certainly within the next few days). We'll try and guess at some stat priorities for different specs, we'll also be doing so...
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Cheetara's Mercenary Healing Guide

Cheetara's Mercenary Healing Guide1.Overview2.Intro3.UI and Key Binds4.Stat Distribution & Skill Tree Point Allocation5.Tank Pairings6.Thoughts on Healing7.Heat Management8.Cancel Your Heals!9.Single Target Healing Pointers10.Multiple-target H...
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Pyrotech Mercenary

Pyrotech is built around 6'' Rail Shot windows. Each window concludes with Prototype Particle Accelerator proc'ing and Rail Shot being used. Essentially, you will/should be able to proc Prototype Particle Accelerator and - therefore - use Rail Sho...
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Patch 2.6 PTS Patch Notes

You can read the latest Patch 2.6 PTS patch notes here, there are plenty of cool goodies in there although remember that things can definitely change between now and 4th February when it goes live.My personal favorites are the new Starfighter bomb...
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HPS vs. eHPS - Healing Overview

Hey all, I came across* this guide online. In my view a must-read for all healers, new and old.Big overview with many points considered and discussed....are YOU doing it correctly? :P
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Tank stats in 2.0

Here's a link to a thread on the SWTOR forum regarding tank stats after 2.0All tanks should have a look at this to help judge their point spread between their defensive stats. author are usi...
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2.0 DPS Leaderboard

Thought this was pretty useful, you can see how other people in your class are doing and most of them provide their Ask Mr Robot profile links.2.0 DPS Leaderboard
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Great Crew Skills Powerleveling Guide

I always use when I take up a new crew skill. Under "Crafting Skills" it shows the quickest way to level each one and which mats you will need so you can get them all ready before you start.It only covers 1-400 for each skill but b...
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Sniper relics.

So since i had my 150 comms i did a test run which relic is better UW BA or Arkanian CN.Here are the loggs:UW BA: Arkanian: parses were made the sa...
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Mercenary DPS Resource

A thread to pool some Merc DPS resources together. Please feel free to add some other (relevant) links and whatnot. This is one of the better guides out there - It is pretty much all to do with Arsenal Tree but there is obviously a lot of crossove...
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Operative DPS

I've been casually trying to see if Operatives are viable deeps. Using TORPARSE on the dummy on my ship I noticed they can actually sustain DPS, playing around with the builds, rotation, energy management & keybinds etc. I've maintained that w...
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Assassin tanks

Recent re-roll on my end earned me the nickname "Squishy", since compare to the PT tank assassins spike.I'm wondering what do the rest of you think about the best use of the class. Few things I'm not 100% on are the following:1. Accuracy - yes or ...
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