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Jugg tanks

I'm moving my replies here so we don't spam the assassin tanks thread. #8000077 Nefala wrote:I dont know what is your opening rotation like tho. Usually the opening rotation I use is: Saber Throw > Force Charge > Smash > Saber Reflect &gt...
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Marauder PvE

Compendium for Annihilation Marauders: is *excellent* thread updated for 2.0
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Sniper PvE

I don't have a personal opinion, but more than a few people have pointed out this thread for Marksmanship Snipers:
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BiS Relics

Since relics (along with earings and implants) are the first things I invest in with my comms, I was wondering if anyone has a view of what is BiS for 2.0In 1.7 it was something like this:- Sorcerer Healer => DG Relic of Boundless Ages + EWH Re...
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Optimum Juggernaut tanking stats

I did a little calculations of my own.Basicly I took the data from this forum post: the percentage value out of these pts and I got this:OPTIMUM JUGG TANKING STATSTDR - Total Defasive...
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Gearing for Crit in 2.0

In some SWTOR compendiums I read statements like "Crit should be avoided like the plague" and "mods and enhancements should be WITHOUT Crit". Also Noxxic has Crit prioritized lower than Surge (which has a soft cap) but also lower than Power (which...
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