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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

I'm very pleased to announce the return of the DPS Club ✨The DPS Club is the place to be if you want to check your DPS numbers against other guild members. You can learn from their parses and get advice on your class, skills and rotations.We bega...
Small Ula Vii 112d
Ula Vii221589Member avatar small Dureresin 24d
DPS Club

Autor DPS Club

Sorcerer:Lightning: DPS: 22839.32Powertech:Advanced Prototype: DPS: 21267.08Sniper:Virulence: DPS: 22990.75
Member avatar small Autor Lunatic 96d
Autor Lunatic2152Member avatar small Autor Lunatic 11d
DPS Club

SgtReynolds dps club

i don't like dummy parsing much. i rather learn my class doing something real (pvp/ops). but this dps club looks like its going to be fun. i just did 2 parses to test combat log upload and such. they were in a hurry and even without proper utilite...
Member avatar small sgtreynolds 111d
sgtreynolds15881Member avatar small Keyllen 11d
DPS Club

Keyllen DPS club

Fail Merc Arsenal: 20959.21
Member avatar small Keyllen 94d
Keyllen3282Member avatar small Keyllen 20d
DPS Club

Cal DPS Club

Juggernaut:Vengeance: DPS: 23302.86Vengeance: DPS: 23397.44Vengeance: DPS: 23608.57Rage: DPS: 23348.48Marauder:Fury: DPS: 23696.51Fury: DPS: 24046.12Operative:Concealment: DPS: 23616.74Sorcerer:Lightning: DPS: 22160.55Sniper:Virulence: DPS: 23459.14
Small Cal 107d
Cal8519Small Cal 26d
DPS Club

Ginkoyurishiro DPS Club

I don't have BiS gear (though I'm close) so I could probably get a bit more out of this. Aslo using 5.0 adrenal and screwed up in few places on both rotations, maybe I'll try again in few days when I'm in the mood and get the gear more optimal.Sni...
Member avatar small Ginkoyurishiro 73d
Ginkoyurishiro2148Member avatar small Ginkoyurishiro 33d
DPS Club

DPS Club - Skank

Le'mounia - Lightning sorc - 22.164
Member avatar small Skankius 45d
Skankius3187Member avatar small Skankius 34d
DPS Club

Dps Club - J'acy

UpdateLightning sorc 22.561 -
Small J'acy 39d
J'acy1105Small J'acy 39d
DPS Club

Ggeorgï DPS Club

Marauder - Fury10490
Small Ggeorgï 2y
Ggeorgï5902Small Ggeorgï 44d
DPS Club

xCometXx DPS Club

MM Sniper (without adrenal): 19264.26Virulence: 21141.82Lightning Sorcerer: 20751.02IO Mercenary: - 20961.36 any ideas are welcome
Member avatar small Cometx 93d
Cometx4293Member avatar small Cometx 44d
DPS Club

UmHeyThere DPS Club

Marauder:Annihilation - 22,535This was kinda a quick log in and parse so I will try and get this number up
Member avatar small UmHeyThere 101d
UmHeyThere6444Member avatar small UmHeyThere 49d
DPS Club

DPS Club ReqsoN

Cirilla'fiona'elen - 22774 DPS Jugg Veng with polybiotic attack adrenal
Small Definitely'not'req 58d
Definitely'not'req2174Small Tiz 56d
DPS Club

Invalid DPS club

IO: 22860.93 Ani: 23689.61
Member avatar small Invalid 85d
Invalid7453Member avatar small Invalid 61d
DPS Club

DPS Club ReqsoN

Powertech AP - 21424.43 - (augment 286 / adv polybiotic attack adrenal)
Small Definitely'not'req 69d
Definitely'not'req1123Small Definitely'not'req 69d
DPS Club

Hen Taï Dps Club

Mercenary Arsenal - 22033.93 - (augment 286 / prototype adrenal)
Small Hen Taï 74d
Hen Taï3195Small Hen Taï 73d
DPS Club

Ahulane DPS Club

Sniper Marksmanship - 22570.58Sniper Virulence - 23469.05Powertech Pyrotech - 22033.52Sorcerer Lightning - 22076.13 update 06/12/2020Assassin Deception - 22046.12
Small Ahulane 88d
Ahulane2191Small Ahulane 81d
DPS Club

Aquilam DPS Club

Sorcerer:Lightning- 23041.03Assassin:Deception- 23155.15Hatred- 22596.84Powertech:Pyrotech- 21168.99Advanced Prototype- 22023.9MarauderAnnihilation- 22779.89
Small Áquilam 100d
Áquilam3301Small Tiz 82d
DPS Club

P'ekas Dps Club

Deception 22.8k: AP 21k:
Small Xardas 100d
Xardas3235Small Tiz 82d
DPS Club

Durere DPS Club parses

Assassin:Deception: DPS 23179.53Sniper:Virulence: DPS 22781.05Marauder:Annihilation: DPS 22498.8Update 12/4/2020Assassin:Deception: DPS 23428.93Marauder:Annihilation: DPS 22876.36
Member avatar small Dureresin 111d
Dureresin2240Member avatar small Dureresin 82d
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DPS Club

Tiz DPS club

All top parses total:Juggernaut:Vengeance: DPS: 22770.65Marauder:Annihilation: DPS: 22052.27Sorcerer:Lightning: DPS: 20333.91Operative:Concealment: DPS: 22968.64Sniper:Virulence: DPS: 21382.36Engineering: DPS: 21693.67Mercenary:IO: 22262.94Powerte...
Small Tiz 3y
Tiz4327688Small Tiz 84d