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DPS Club

[Pinned] Join Our DPS Club

Join the Stroke my Wookie DPS Club to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. If you wish to join in then please read the full rules and instructions on the DPS Club Rankings page 😎Please pos...
Small Ula Vii 2y
Ula Vii147977Small Ula Vii 2y
DPS Club

Animekitty DPS club

Name: AnimekittySpec: Carnage MarauderDPS: 10067,49Note: Low Alacrity, High Crit + Mastery build
Member avatar small Animekitty 1d
Animekitty131Member avatar small Animekitty 1d
DPS Club

(Qrylicious) Darjako DPS Club Parse

Hello there!This is my lightning sorcerer dps parse, and here's the link ^^I have fully augmented 252 gear, balanced critical and alacrity stats.
Member avatar small Qrylicious 20d
Qrylicious2157Member avatar small Qrylicious 12d
DPS Club

Venki DPS Club Parses

My first parse as Deception Assassin, was trying some new things out and also alacrity is a lil high at 1896
Small Venki 13d
Venki188Small Venki 13d
DPS Club

Tizia DPS club

All top parses total: (only from patch 5.5 or higher).Juggernaut:Vengeance: DPS: 10560Rage: DPS: 10156Assassin: Deception: DPS: 10122Hatred: DPS: 10183
Small Tizia 1y
Tizia3410965Small Tizia 17d
DPS Club

Magsel DPS Club

Jedi Guardian aka Sith JuggernautVigilence aka VengeanceDPS 10900 know it's a republic toon, but I don't see anything about that in the rules, so...... :DHope to put my Vengeance parses up here very soon.Note...
Small Magsel 36d
Magsel1147Small Magsel 36d
DPS Club

Dest'ro DPS Club

marauder annihilation 9526.36 side 248 ,left side mix 236-240-242.none new aug.
Small Banan 1y
Banan81170Small Banan 56d
DPS Club

Xyzine Dps Club Parses

Advanced class- MarauderSpecialisation - AnnihilationDPS - 10316.37Link - for the other logs I was doing the Inferno uprising for the kills achievement, it should be the only one listed under bosses.
Member avatar small Xyzine 136d
Xyzine6650Member avatar small Xyzine 86d
DPS Club

Dark-rey DPS club parses, Assassin deception - In need of help

Last August (around 20.) I broke my 10K DPS After that I had to take a break from gaming and just returned to the game. The gear I used was 248 full aug. - 1E + 3A for accuracy - 5E + 5A for alacrity - 4E + 6...
Member avatar small Dark-rey 87d
Dark-rey6403Member avatar small za'zinia 86d
DPS Club

deanquin parse just for to get me on the bored :)
Member avatar small Deanaquin 98d
Deanaquin2186Member avatar small Deanaquin 98d
DPS Club

Miges DPS Club

Engineering Sniper: 9778.05 42,98% (1801)Alacrity: 13,47% (1617)Power: around 3800Mastery: around 6880Accuracy: 759 (stim)Note:Parese done with 246 barrels (mods and enhancements 248), 2 armorin...
Small Miges 1y
Miges223627Small Miges 130d
DPS Club

Petr's DPS Club parses

Assassin - Deception dps
Small Petr 1y
Petr2511162Small Tizia 133d
DPS Club

Zamolxis DPS Club

Juggernaut Vengeance - 10240 dps
Small Zamolxis 224d
Zamolxis3494Small Zamolxis 136d
DPS Club

Iroland parses assasin deception 10020dps
Member avatar small Iroland 258d
Iroland171877Member avatar small Iroland 142d
DPS Club

Naziha DPS Club Parses

Sniper VirulanceDPS: 9779.62 Log: crazy. I used rolling on the dummy though to get the extra damage from corrosive mine.I fucked up my energy management at the end so i need to play around a bit to che...
Member avatar small Naziha 151d
Naziha1184Member avatar small Naziha 151d
DPS Club

DPS Club Updates

Hey everyone, so a few pieces of news for the DPS Club:Maester Tizia is now in charge of the DPS Club updates so everything is back in motion again. Please start submitting your parses and he'll get them updated.We're removing inactive members fr...
Small Ula Vii 152d
Ula Vii1196Small Ula Vii 152d
DPS Club

Deacon's DPS corner

Melinoe - bringer of nightmares and madnessOperative - Concealment(I hate dots)8360.57 This is for myself to see what gear I had ;)Mastery: 5693Power: 3314Critical: 1725Alacrity: 1372Accuracy: 698 Power relic: 993 (230 proc)Mastery relic: 1046(236...
Small Deacon 1y
Deacon235533Small Deacon 155d
DPS Club

Hobbit DPS Thread

Arsenal Mercenary (post setbonus patch)9077dps (with no stealth scan utility :angryface:)
Small Hobbit 1y
Hobbit5881Small Hobbit 188d
DPS Club

Eska (Sygrlin) DPS club

Sniper - Virulence10230 - Engineering10310
Member avatar small Sygrlin 192d
Sygrlin2312Member avatar small Sygrlin 188d
DPS Club


Mercenary - Arsenal 9149.74 try, after few months i didn't played
Small IDF1264 1y
IDF126451590Small IDF1264 195d