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[Pinned] Codes For Free SWTOR Stuff

Here are the codes that are valid for free items at the moment: >> Enter the codes here << SDCANTINA19 NYCantina16 SWCANTINA17 SWCELEBRATION17 NYCANTINA19 Expired Codes SWCANTINA2018 (Valid until Jan 1st 2019) REVANSFATE (Val...
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[Pinned] Chat Alt Codes
Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Chat Alt Codes

I dug up an external forum post with the chat alt codes in, thought I'd make a local copy here in-case that site goes down. Just hold Alt and type the numbers using the number pad and you're all set!
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[Pinned] Create Temporary Teamspeak Passwords

Sometimes it's useful to co-ordinate things in Teamspeak like when you're on a pug raid or running some group PvP matches. The problem is we don't want to give our main Teamspeak password to every vagabond out there. The solution is that you can...
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[Pinned] Setup your website timezone

You can change the websites timezone so you can see all the guild events in your local time instead of always GMT/BST. Click here to access your "Shivtr Account" page then select your timezone from the dropdown. You must then enter your site pas...
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Teamspeak Badges

You might of seen some of us with fancy smancy icons near our names in Teamspeak. Every now and then the Teamspeak crew release special badges you can get. Here are the ones which are valid at the moment: Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2018 - 8C...
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Running the game without admin priviliges

The launcher for SWTOR requires admin privileges to start for some reason that no one can understand. This can cause issues for some overlay applications and applications that want to register global hot keys (such as Discord and TeamSpeak) since ...
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Maximise Stronghold Completion Bonus Percent

Stronghold completion is very important if you plan on assisting the guild with conquests as their combined completion acts as a multiplier to your Conquest objectives. The easiest way to sum up the Stronghold Bonus is that if you fully unlock al...
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Randomise Loading Screens

Hey all, I keep seeing people posting their custom loading screens and thought I'd share this tip so you can use several of them. The idea is that each time you login to Windows it will pick a random SWTOR loading screen for you.(1) Navigate to C...
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Tips & Tricks

TL;DR Guide to Huntmaster SM

So apparently some people are having problems with this boss, so here's my strat to beat it with any group that has more than half a brain cell between them:For the marauders amongst us - please don't ask me why I just spent an hour making this(MT...
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Tips & Tricks

6.0 Datacrons on Mek-Sha

Mek-ShaMastery - - -
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Tips & Tricks

Free Black & Black dye (for legacy gear)

So this tip depends on three things: You need to have used old Cantina Codes so you get Cantina Crates when you create a new character You want to dye a piece of legacy gear Patience! The trick is very simple: Create a new character and get to...
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Tips & Tricks

Taris Eradication (Republic)

Did some Taris Eradication today and found a very good run for killing around 100 mobs every 5 mins.
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COD Mails

A lot of people do not understand what COD mails are or how they work. COD stands for:CashOnDeliveryIn game terms this means you can mail items to somebody with a credit amount attached and they can't take the items from the mail without agreeing...
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Ossus Instanced Datacron

For those that are bad at jumping, the best way to do this is with a sorc/sage using phase walk. When you are in the cave area put down phase walk when you get on a platform, and keep jumping to the next spot. If you fall use phase walk to get bac...
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New Gearing Efficiency vs Optimality

Edit: All DPS Specs are now accounted for.This thread is for DPS classes, I am not familiar enough with tank and healer stats to be able to make a post on it but if you read this maybe you will see a way to make your gearing more efficient.From th...
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Alacrity Effect on GCD (especially for classes with instant attacks)

Greetings,I did not notice it being discussed much in here, but it is already becoming more and more apparent on official forums.The main point is, that alacrity is currently affecting GCD and cast times differently. GCD seems to be rounded, so th...
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How to Add Characters to website

Quite a few people have asked me how to add extra characters to website to sign up to events with. Also even more people are signing up with just the one character, complaining when they get missed because they are not on the character they signed...
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CZ-198 Rampage

Not sure if everyone is doing this but found a quite fast way of doing it.Take the missions [DAILY] Anti-Toxin Acquisition,Go in kill everything,Do not click on item to activate the boss,Leave instance,Reset local phaseGo back in & all mobs ar...
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Class and spec overview

Thought this was handy and wanted to share it.
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Where tf is loot?

Are you a derp like me, and can't remember where which piece of equipment drops? (Edit: And also think guides like dulfy etc. don't really offer a quick overview)I made a thing, feel free to use it if you need.
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