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[Pinned] Codes For Free SWTOR Stuff

Here are the codes that are valid for free items at the moment: >> Enter the codes here << SWCELEBRATION17 NYCANTINA17 NYCantina16 CelebrationCantina16 SWCANTINA17 Expired Codes SWTORSHARETHELOVE (expired 27th Feb 2018) Pax P...
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Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Create Temporary Teamspeak Passwords

Sometimes it's useful to co-ordinate things in Teamspeak like when you're on a pug raid or running some group PvP matches. The problem is we don't want to give our main Teamspeak password to every vagabond out there. The solution is that you can...
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Tips & Tricks

[Pinned] Setup your website timezone

You can change the websites timezone so you can see all the guild events in your local time instead of always GMT. Click here to access your "Shivtr Account" page then select your timezone from the dropdown. You must then enter your site passwor...
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Tips & Tricks

Class and spec overview

Thought this was handy and wanted to share it.
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Where tf is loot?

Are you a derp like me, and can't remember where which piece of equipment drops? (Edit: And also think guides like dulfy etc. don't really offer a quick overview)I made a thing, feel free to use it if you need.
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Tips & Tricks

Alacrity Effect on GCD (especially for classes with instant attacks)

Greetings,I did not notice it being discussed much in here, but it is already becoming more and more apparent on official forums.The main point is, that alacrity is currently affecting GCD and cast times differently. GCD seems to be rounded, so th...
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Tips & Tricks

Outlaws Den PvP achievements

Hey. I know there are some rules to Outlaws Den PvP achievements, so could any1 tell me what kind of groups are needed to do those achievements?
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Tips & Tricks

Free decorations, grab them while you can!

So I read about it here. In case they delete that thread:Under Achievements/Locations/General go to Chapter 3 there for each class that finished it, you can right click the decoration in the rewards box. Each time you do so your owned counter wil...
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Tips & Tricks

Sh Bonus 150% requires different types of SH to be decorated.

So i have 2-3 DK strongholds. Its not enough to decorate 3 of the same type since the bonus doesnt increase for order to have the 150% you have to decorate 6 different type of strongholds what u do in the rest its whatever. but 6 have to...
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Tips & Tricks

Easy way to get new stronghold Proprietor achievements

Hey all, if you already have all the strongholds unlocked then an easy way to get the 7 new "Stronghold Proprietor" achievements (added with 5.5) is to create a level 1 scoundrel/agent character, leave the starter room and then travel to each of y...
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Tips & Tricks

[How To] Use Your Unassembled Components

A lot of people don't seem to realise you can get 248 set bonus gear without sacrificing your children to the Command Crate RNG demons. You can get top level set bonus 248 gear with just your Unassembled Components from Warzones/GSF and a few Com...
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Tips & Tricks

Stealth revive

Not sure if this has been mentioned in the forums before, but here goes ... Some tips and tricks gathered from the SWTOR forums and reddit AFTER the right-click rezzing has been brokenPREPARATION BEFORE THE RAID- Put on your quickbars the Revive a...
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Tips & Tricks

How to get delivery confirmation for in-game mail

I do not remember if this has been mentioned in the past, but here is a neat way to achieve the following:- get notified when your in-game mails are delivered- get your attachments safely back if your mail is (for any reason) not delivered Here is...
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Tips & Tricks

CXP Farm (stealth)

First i want to apologize if my english is bad but... Hope you won't judge me ^^"I searched for the best way to grind CXP atm on reddit, swtor forums etc... And didn't find anything extraordinary so.. I managed to find a better way to grind some 2...
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Tips & Tricks

Automated In-Game Chat Messages

I use a little known in-game trick when I'm busy with guild admin to send automated messages when anyone whispers me. It is a built in system. At it's most basic you can type:/dndWhich will tell anyone that whispers you "Playername is busy". Ty...
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Tips & Tricks

Heroic Missions Crates&Gold calculator

I prepared this one, you may simply download it and edit column 'Will you do it?'. 0 means no, 1 means yes. Rest is calculated and you may see results under the chart, they look like this:Total Gold income: 0Alien Research: 0Ancient Artifacts: 0...
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Tips & Tricks

How to Insert images into comments

There are two ways to insert images, you can type the code manually or you can click the Image button on the toolbar above the text input box, paste your link in and click ok and then it writes the code for you:[img overlay=true]https://s3.amazona...
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Tips & Tricks

Shortest - Fastest Heroics for Stealthed Chars

Imperial SideAlderaan - Droid RepossesionAlderaan - Spring ThawBalmorra - A Question of MotivationBalmorra - Comrades in ArmsBalmorra - FirestarBalmorra - Project HexapodBalmorra - Settling DebtsBalmorra - The Republic's Last GaspBalmorra - Toxic ...
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Tips & Tricks

Color Crystals - Legacy Wide Use for Free

For those that doesn't know or have never heard about:1) Whenever you buy or you get a Color Crystal on a specific character, that Crystal is getting added at your Cartel Market - Collections.2) On that specific character you can get as many copie...
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Tips & Tricks

Sharp Dresser Achievement.

Hello. I found very helpful reddit post about the trick which will help you get your Republic/Imperial containment and Bloodguard outfits even faster. Of course you still gonna need all 3 of the event currencies: Bounty Contracts, DNA canisters an...
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