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Ula Vii / Jul 02, 2021

Congratulations Wookies, this week marks 9 years since our guild formed which is an incredible feat! We've continued to go from strength to strength and now span 3 guilds, we have 13 raid teams, 10+ scheduled events each week and some of the richest players on the server thanks to our big credit rewards. πŸ†

None of this would be possible without our fantastic officers working together to help you have the best time possible as the guild would be nothing without you. ❀️

9 Years Of Victories

Play In Our 999,999,999 Lottery
We're having a special lottery this week. 9 winning rolls and the guild adds 999,999,999 credits to the prize pot! Read how to join in.

Friends have come, friends have gone and friends will return again!

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: I'm possible!"

Ula Vii / May 12, 2021

Congratulations Wookies!

World Record: 1st Guild To Reach 1 Billion Conquest Points
Total Prize Credits: 5,590,000,000
Droids Destroyed: Over 3 Million πŸ€–

A massive thank you to the Heroes of the Empire: Mech, Alicia and Tiz for their amazing dedication with leading the groups and everybody who joined in to help our guild achieve the impossible πŸ†

Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus
~ Ula Vii ~


"What about the Wookie attack on the droids?"

Ula Vii / Jul 23, 2020

Congratulations Wookies, July marks the 8 year Birthday of our guild and possibly one of the best we have had so far. This year we've accomplished several incredible feats:

  • Guild's 8 Year Birthday
  • World Record: This week saw us secure our 150th 1st place conquest win streak
  • World Record: This month we celebrated our 300th first place conquest victory
  • World Record: First guild to level 100
  • World Record: First guild to level 200
  • World Record: First guild to level 300
  • World Record: We've scored more than 6 billion conquest points!
  • EU Record: First EU guild to win 3 planets in a single conquest week
  • World Record: Lexendra won the world's fastest solo speed leveling record from 1-75 in 2h 52m
  • World Record: Lexendra won the world's fastest team speed leveling record from 1-75 in 1h 46m
A huge thank you to every officer past and present who helped lead the way through all these years and of course to you, our guild members who helped shape the spirit of the guild and spread positive vibes throughout the game and across the world.

Now 8 years later, 8 years wiser and 8 years stronger
Always forward. Never backward.

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


"Nothing is impossible, the word itself says: I'm possible!"

Ula Vii / Jul 21, 2020

🌟 I'm very pleased to announce the return of legacy conquest scoring! 🌟

Legacy scoring is were we combine the conquest scores for all of your characters in Alpha guild and mail you a sweet amount of credits for your efforts πŸ˜ƒ

I've always felt it provides better rewards for everyone helping the guild win 1st place regardless of if you score your points on one character or twenty. We had to take a break from legacy scoring when the 6.0 conquest changes arrived as it already took several hours every week which then took even longer with the new points system so we temporarily switched to individual character scoring. While doing that we've been refining a process to share the workload and implemented a few changes so that now we can return to legacy scoring.

This means a lot more people are going to be getting prizes as everybody who scores 100k or more will win! For every 100k points you get in Alpha you will win 200,000 credits. No lottery randomness. It's a straight points to credits conversion. You could score 100k CQ points on one character, 50k on two or 34k on three! The idea is that every time you see a conquest reward popup you can think of it as a credit popup πŸ’°

Big Rewards
Each week we post the results in our Conquest gallery and mail your prize to the character name in your member notes, so make sure those are accurate!

  • We reward you 200,000 credits for every 100k conquest points you earn, there is no limit!
  • The top 5 scoring legacies each win a bonus 5 million credits
  • The game rewards you 2, 3 or 4 Solid Resource Matrix depending which planet yield we invade
  • You can continue to COD mail Ula Vii encryptions for 400k each
  • You win the 25 conquest titles and 38 achievements
  • The #1 point scorer each week wins the Minister of War rank in-game
  • Your score will be recorded in the long term score board for all to see
Because Alpha is the guild that goes for the win each week, we are going to focus all the rewards there which allows us to give out greater prizes for the people who are contributing to the guild's victory. We won't be giving out any prizes for Beta or Rep since they are not going for the top spot and already benefit from the large yield crafting rewards. The other aspect of it is that we wanted to include every single point you earn in the legacy scoring and even with us sharing the workload it would still take far too long to do that across all three guilds.

We expect some people to be moving from Beta to Alpha for the big conquest rewards and from Alpha to Beta for the new raid team boosts. A few of us will be logging in periodically throughout Tuesday to handle invites so drop a message in our Discord #guild-invites channel or post a reply below and we'll get you in. Remember not to move over until after the CQ reset at 19:00 BST if you want your in-game weekly rewards πŸ˜‰

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~
Ula Vii / Jul 18, 2020

I have increasingly felt that Beta can be improved to better benefit our guild and now the final piece of the puzzle has clicked into place. Since we activated Beta, it has shared the same guild perks as Alpha so that a wide range of activities are enhanced. For the foreseeable future that is changing. Beta is now going to be boosted for our progression raiders by having the Zeal set bonus continuously enabled which provides a 5% alacrity boost in all Hard Mode raids. When possible I will also choose the perks that either increase adrenal duration or reduce repair costs.

To get the most benefit from the Zeal bonus you will need to tweak your gear to account for the increased alacrity. Riku's gear guide shows the alacrity values to aim for. You may want to have two gear sets since the Zeal bonus does not apply to Nightmare raids.

We will keep an emergency stash of top level stims, adrenals and medpacs in the Beta officer's vault for progression team leaders to access if anybody on their team runs short but we would expect most raiders to be running the reusables or providing for themselves. We understand that everybody needs some help sometimes so don't be afraid to ask.

Be the best you can be
~ Ula Vii ~


If you want it, go get it. Game on!

Ula Vii / Jul 14, 2019

🌟 Congratulations Everyone 🌟

July 2019 sees Stroke my Wookie blaze through our 7th year as the game's most incredibly awesome guild and I felt compelled to share a walk down memory lane with you.

7 long years ago in a server far, far away...

Seven wildcards who enjoyed raiding and hanging out together agreed to unite their talents by forming a guild called Stroke my Wookie; the name a reminder not to take things too seriously. The game was still new and there were many things to explore beyond raiding so the guild would form our event groups and invite our friends to join our adventures. People enjoyed themselves and liked what they saw and over time our little group developed into the amazing community we have today.

  • Home Away From Home
    • We've been an active stable guild for over 7 years
    • A lot of our guild members have been with us for years
  • Excellent Officers
    • A big thank you to all the officers who have helped lead the guild over the years 🌞
  • Dominated Three Servers
    • Tomb of Freedon Nadd / The Red Eclipse / Darth Malgus
  • Conquerors
    • Soon to win our 250th conquest 1st place
    • Over 2.5 billion conquest points so far
  • World Firsts
  • Always Active
    • We've run thousands of guild events for players of all abilities
  • Community
    • We've organised hundreds of server events across 3 servers
  • Constantly Improving
  • Here is our ever improving guild raid progress over the last 3 patch versions:
    • Patch 3.x 63/69 91%
    • Patch 4.x 60/65 92%
    • Patch 5.x 72/75 96% (Help With This! πŸ‘Ό)

Now 7 years later, 7 years wiser and 7 years stronger
Still hungry for more

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


"While others search for what they can take, a true king searches for what he can give"

Ula Vii / May 22, 2019

Well done everybody, the guild continues to go from strength to strength with positive development in all areas. To match the trend I have boosted the rewards we offer across the board so it's even easier to win!

Weekly Conquest Rewards
  • 500k credits for each 100k points (up from 300k credits)
  • I will continue to total up all your character scores in each guild
  • If you score 100k+ in 2 or more of our guilds I will now combine the scores
    • Examples...
    • You score 140k in Alpha and 170k in Beta: Both are above 100k so they are combined into 310k points so you win 1.5m credits πŸ†
    • You score 110k in Alpha and 20k in Beta: Your Alpha score of 110k wins you 500k credits πŸ’°
    • You score 50k in Alpha and 70k in Beta: Neither are above 100k so you don't win anything 😭
  • In my tests this has shown a 10-20 million credit increase in prizes for some weeks!
  • 1st place continues to win the Minister of War rank and a Grand Chance Cube
  • The top 3 scorer's prizes remain awesome: 1st:10m / 2nd:6m / 3rd:4m
  • Getting the highest single character score in any of our 3 guilds still gets you 5m credits

Encryptions & Reinforcement Modules
You have been able to COD mail me Encryptions and Reinforcement Modules for ages and now is a good time to update the credit amounts to reflect the current market and our needs:

  • Encryption COD increased to 400k each (up from 350k)
  • Reinforcement Module decreased to 200k (down from 500k, we have over 250 in storage already!)
  • Free donations still welcome 😁
So the guild will now pay 400k for each and all types of conquest Encryption you have and 200k for each Reinforcement Module. Just COD mail them to Ula Vii.

Guild Lottery x2
You can now deposit lottery money into Alpha & Beta (previously just Alpha). Hopefully this means more of you can play as I know some of our Beta crowd felt excluded. I'll add the list of Beta guild entries to the bottom of the Alpha guild entries and then do the counting as normal. Read here if you want to find out how the lottery works.

Additionally, the guild donation to the prize pot will be 20 million credits each week (up from 10m) 😎

Battle Master Hunting Parties
We now have 4 Battle Master Hunters who will be forming groups in guild chat:

  • Darknell
  • Jet'lizzard
  • NΓ¦rgal
  • Stewy
This means you will have more opportunities to farm Encryptions which you can COD mail to me or sell for yourself on the GTN. Just keep your eyes on guild chat and the Discord #group-finder channel for when they start a group. The times for this are random but regular since it's a combination of "when they find several Jedi to kill" and "when they have time to lead some kills".


Ula Vii / Jan 16, 2019

I'm extremely happy to announce our new PvP Training Sessions which will be running each Sunday from 19:00 GMT/UTC (20:00 CET) with the first at the end of this week. These are aimed towards players of all skill levels including those who have never had the pleasure of slaying a foe in PvP πŸ’€

Our primary goals are:

  1. Encourage guild members to enjoy more PvP by helping them learn and improve
  2. Produce a helpful training resource that can be referred to by people inside and outside the guild for a long time to come
The leaders for our PvP Training series are Shinra, Snave and Xyzine.

Each Sunday they will cover a different topic by taking you into a challenge mode Warzone where they can teach you without the chaos of a real Warzone exploding around you. They will be answering questions about the topic throughout and anything else PvP related towards the end during the Q&A. To finish the session you will be able to put what you learned into action with some challenge mode matches.

Twitch & Youtube
Snave will be streaming the sessions and he's going to use his super ninja video editing skills to get them pretty for YouTube as well (he'll hate me for saying that! 😁). This way if you can't be there you can watch the live stream and ask questions via chat or you can check out the videos later on.

The long term schedule will be flexible so there can be follow up weeks if one topic needs more time etc but I can tell you the first two:

PvP 101: The Basics Sunday 20th January [signup]
This will cover literally everything you need to know to be ready for a Warzone. There will be a mountain of things covered so even if you think you're a rootin' tootin' badass it's still worth checking out in case there are any tips you don't know πŸ˜‰

Huttball: All Maps Sunday 27th January [signup]
All aspects of Huttball will be covered from basic gameplay mechanics to advanced tips and tricks for each Huttball arena.

Play well, have fun and I'll see you on the battlefield!
~ Ula Vii ~


Know the power of the Dark Side