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Ula Vii / Jul 24, 2013

1st - Curiosi - 450,000 Credits
2nd - Decimus - 225,500 Credits
3rd - Kee'lan - 225,500 Credits

Although our champion graciously won with "suck a dick slackers" and then "forgot" to pay the 2nd and 3rd place contestants their share of the prize money it seems we may have been hasty in deciding the winner!

02:48 into the video and you can see where Decimus does actually end as #1 for me and from the other people said I was not alone. You can see the Mox screenshot here.

We'll switch to Torparse to judge the final outcome. I've created a Torparse group upload for the logs so we can easily see everybody in one overview. You can find the link for that here.


Well i was 1st for the longest at the start and then my energy went to 30% :S But gz curiosi :P
Since I didn't have Torparse running at that time, I can't give you my log -_- But if more ppl have that problem, there's only 1 outcome: REMATCH!!!! :D
You don't have to run TorParse. The logs end up in the same directory no matter what parser you are using. So just find the log in Combat logs directory and upload it to TorParse.The log should be easy to find since it's marked with date and time.

I call rematch on Lucky on corellia!
Yeah but the problem is, I can't see anyone else's dps in that log, I did upload it to Torparse. So you tell me how I can see your dps :)
Ula Vii
It's pretty easy to upload your log to torparse and send the link so we can all see it. I uploaded mine, Curiosi uploaded some garbage that broke the group functionality but you can still link your individual logs for the fight.

The game itself creates the actual log files, then Mox & Torparse clients just upload those logs to their server, parse them and then send the data out to the others in your group. Neither program makes or modifies your log files.

Kee'lan you can find your combat logs in your My Documents directory:

Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs

So, you head to Torparse and login. Then choose "Upload" from the top right blue menu. Now pick the log file that has the same timestamp as the fight. The log will probably cover more than just Dreadtooth so you're looking at a larger log file size. My log file was started about 30 minutes before the fight and was around 4MB in total (combat_2013-07-23_19_36_34_821860.txt)

If in doubt just upload any large logs from Tuesday night and then pick the "Analytical" view option. You should now see a list of times down the left hand side. Above the list of times it says "Boss Fights". Pick that and see if you have a timestamp for around: 20:12:23 - 20:14:25 (or in your local time).

If you hover over it you will see a list of participants and Dreadtooth with a duration just over 2 minutes. Click on that one and when it loads you should be looking at your log for the Dreadtooth fight. At the top of the page below the main banner but above your name is a bit that says "Link to Current Fight". Copy the link next to that and post it here.

Here are the logs so far:
Ula Vii
You don't see the other people in your own log view upload as it is only your own log. That's why I created the group log but it was mysteriously broken once Curiosi uploaded his file!

Just post the link to your own log file and then we just wait for Skags and we can settle this once and for all! ....until next month when we destroy Lucky :)
I'll upload as soon as I get home from work
Done and done!
I did more damage, but i did less DPS since I for some reason went into combat 4 seconds earlier than curi. Did you cut yours down before uploading, cheater?? >:)

Edit: Link to the fight;