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Darth Malgus Lives!

Ula Vii / Oct 08, 2017

Wow we have some exciting times ahead of us. Not only do we have patch 5.5 arriving with a host of quality of life improvements but our server is also being merged on November 8th. The Red Eclipse, Tomb of Freedon Nadd and The Progenitor are all being combined into a single new server called "Darth Malgus". The best part is we don't have to do a thing!

  • The guild, guild-ship and stronghold will be moved as whole so you won't be on your own!
  • All your characters, strongholds and storage from the 3 servers will be moved over
  • If you end up with more characters then the server limit (52) you will still be able to play them all, you just won't be able to create more characters until you delete enough to drop below the limit
  • Guild character limit is staying at 1000
  • The personal stronghold cap will be raised to 10
  • If you have strongholds on more than one of the 3 source servers then you will have them all on the new server, so you could have more than one Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace
  • If you go above the cap of 10 you can still use all your strongholds but you won't be able to purchase any new ones they add in the future until you deactivate enough to fall below the 10 threshold
  • You won't have to redecorate so your lovely rooms full of chairs will stay as elegant as ever 😁
  • Stronghold conquest bonus stays capped at 150%
  • Achievements from multiple servers will be combined (highest progress wins)
  • Achievements still in progress are maintained so you won't have to restart them
  • Some of your character names may be in jeopardy! Because people on the three servers may have the same name BW have decided to solve the problem by having a priority list:
    • If you are a subscriber you have priority on the name over F2P & preferred players
    • If somebody of the same subscription status as you shares the name then it goes to the one with the most time played
    • Characters that are level 10 or lower and which have not been logged for 90 days will lose their names to free them up
  • Rename tokens will be going on discount at some point around the merge
  • Friend & Ignore lists will transfer
  • Appearance Designer tabs will transfer

What about the ToFN Stroke My Wookie guild?
Our ToFN guild still exists although it is manned by a sole caretaker who rests in stasis aboard our old guild ship. When the merge happens there will be more than one Stroke My Wookie and the guild names will have the original server appended by the system:

Stroke My Wookie - The Red Eclipse
Stroke My Wookie - Tomb of Freedon Nadd
Stroke My Wookie - The Progenitor

After the merge I will rename the empty guilds which will revert our displayed guild name back to the normal version without the server name on the end. I'll keep the ToFN guild and guild ship for the moment until we have a use for them 😉

Buy your own personal guild ship & guild bank!
For those with some spare credits I want to point out that there will be A LOT of unused guilds and guild ships arriving on the new server so it should be a great time to buy a cheap fully unlocked guild ship with several bank tabs. I won't be selling our spare one but I'm sure other people will for some quick credits.

Max out your character slots
The server limit is 52 characters lots. If you make 18 characters on each of the 3 servers then when they merge you will have 52 character slots for free. The hope is that you can delete the level 1 placeholders you made and still have the character slot available. We'll only know if this works once the merge is complete but it's worth a go, I'll be trying it.

Thanks to Plague for this suggestion 👍

Claim your character name
If you couldn't get the name you wanted on TRE originally then now is the time to see if you can claim it. The first step on TRE is to open the friends list on both factions and try adding the name you want. Once added you should be able to see their character level. If not remove them and add them again. If they are a low level character or one that is not played very often then you may be in luck! Your next step should be to do the transfer+rename trick:

  1. Head to the server select screen and try to create a level 1 character on both ToFN and Prog with the name you want
  2. If it lets you create level 1 characters on both ToFN & Prog then leave the one on Prog and delete the one on ToFN. Skip to step 5
  3. If it only lets you create the level 1 character on one of the servers then delete the character and skip to step 5
  4. If you discover the name is used on all three servers then you're fucked. It's still worth checking their character level in case they are all level 10 or lower but otherwise your only choice is to contact them and ask if you can have the name after the merge. Possibly sweeten things by offering them a character rename token once they are discounted
  5. Transfer+Rename Trick: Pick a well played high level character you don't mind transferring to ToFN/Prog until merge day. It does not need to be the character you actually want to have the name although it saves a few steps at the end if it is
  6. Don't transfer yet
  7. First head to ToFN or Prog (whichever does NOT have a character with your desired name) and create a new character with the name of the one you just picked to transfer
  8. Now transfer your high level character for 90CC to ToFN/Prog
  9. When it arrives on the other server the system will say the name has already been used and that you must rename your transferred character so give it the name you want to claim after the merge
  10. Now you should have a well played high level character on ToFN or Prog with the name you want, ready for merge day
To put that into an example:

  • You have a character on TRE called Eric Múscô and you really wanted the proper spelling Eric Musco but somebody already had that version
  • You do the who panel and friend panel test and see they are only level 7
  • You then head to ToFN and Prog and try to create a character on each called Eric Musco
  • You see there is a level 30 Eric Musco on Prog
  • You find nobody has that name on ToFN so you create a new level 1 character there called Eric Múscô (name matches the one on TRE)
  • You transfer your high level Eric Múscô from TRE to ToFN
  • The server tells you it already exists and forces you to rename so you type Eric Musco
  • Now you have a high level well played character on ToFN with the proper spelling for Eric Musco
  • On merge day that one will have priority over the level 7 already on TRE and the level 30 on Prog *IF* you are a sub and they are not OR if you're /played time is greater than theirs
If everything goes to plan then after the merge you may find you managed to win the name hoora! If the one you transfered with was not the character you actually wanted to have the name then you just need to use a (soon to be discounted) rename token or wait a few days until transfers are enabled again and repeat the rename trick by transferring the character to the new French or German server. That will then free up the name again on the Darth Malgus server so you can create a new character or rename the one you were forced to use the bastardised Ćhàrãćtêŕ Ňåmę version of 😅

Special Note: Server character transfers will be disabled for one week before Merge Day and one week after (around 1st-15th) so you need to do this soon!

Buy 18 strongholds!
The producers have been pretty vague about how the SH conquest bonus will work besides saying it will remain capped at 150%. Musco muttered something in the stream about the bonus being spread across your strongholds. Sooooo my advice is to buy all the strongholds across all 3 servers so that after the merge you can have your 150% CQ bonus AND a bunch of nice properly decorated strongholds.

Currently you can't have them all active on the same server but that doesn't stop you having the last one active on another server. I didn't bother buying the Umbara train but I will now. I already have all the other strongholds unlocked on TRE & ToFN so I'll send a character with some credits over to Prog to buy another 6 strongholds there. After the merge I will still have at least 6 strongholds which are maxed out with chairs and paintings for my 150% stronghold bonus and then I can properly decorate the duplicates in my own time. I'll have 18 strongholds in total. Sure I'll have to deactivate 9 if they add another stronghold and I want it but I can deal with that when it happens.

Save your command packs
If you are already level 300 and have all your gear then save your packs until patch 5.6 on November 28th. They are changing the way disintegrate works so it will give you legacy bound Unassembled Components. They confirmed that this change will be retroactive so it will work with packs you have already (source). They have not said if the other changes to crates will be retroactive but we can wish 😀

Fall Roadmap 2017
Galactic Crate content improvements – we’re adding another slot in each crate that, no matter what Tier you’re in, grants a small chance to receive a higher tier Mod/Enhancement, Grand Chance Cube, CXP Buff, or CXP consumable.

These are the big things that affect the guild and your characters but there are plenty more so make sure to go read the following links after finishing the news post! 😅

Play well, have fun and see you on the other side!
~ Ula Vii ~

Iokath PvP War: New Achievements - Friday 20th October
We have run the Iokath PvP War a few times now and despite the massive loot trail lag issues the event has been good fun. We're running the event again as the datamined 5.5#3 data shows they may be adding some 6 more PvP achievements for the area:

  1. Traitor To Your Own - Defeat 50 Imps as an Imp - (20 Achievement Points)
  2. Defeating Your Own - Defeat 50 Reps as a Rep - (20 Achievement Points)
  3. The Fire of Aivela - Defeat 50 enemy players as Aivela (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  4. The Jealousy of Esne - Defeat 50 enemy players as Esne (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  5. Tyths Rage - Defeat 50 enemy players as Tyth (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
  6. Walking All Over Them - Defeat 50 enemy players as a walker (10 Achievement Point & 20CC)
I am posting this event a few weeks in advance to give you the opportunity to farm enough Iokath Power Shards to access the droid unlocks (War Factory entrance is good location). You will also need the Tyth, Aivela and Esne Control Modules that drop from the bosses if you want those achievements.

Signup for the event on Friday 20th and make sure to tell your friends as this event that is open to all.

Raiders: 5.x Squad Progression
It's been pretty quiet in raid town over the summer but things are heating up again as people return from their summer breaks. On November 28th the third boss from Gods From The Machine arrives: "Nahut the hated son" so it might be an idea for the teams which haven't already cleared Aivela & Esne to focus on them so they can tackle Nahut when he is released 👾

Raid Progress
Raid Teams Recruiting

Ace Squadron >> Apply
Ace Squadron are seeking a melee/ranged DPS.

Dread Squadron >> Apply
Dread Squadron are seeking a new team member of any role as they can juggle the team around to accommodate you.

Omega Squadron >> Apply
Omega Squadron are seeking a ranged DPS.

Phoenix Squadron >> Apply
Phoenix Squadron are seeking two DPS.

Reaper Squadron >> Apply
Reaper Squadron are seeking tanks.

Shadow Squadron >> Apply
Shadow Squadron are seeking a healer.

House Party
We had a great House Party this month were we got around 60 people the achievements in 2.5 hours which is a pretty good speed for such a mixed crowd. Don't worry if you missed out this time as we run this event every 2-3 months with the next being planned for December so see you all next time 👍

3-Winner Blind Lottery Results
We ran a special Blind Lottery to mark our 100th. To make this a blind lottery for some extra fun I hid the ledger tab from all ranks so nobody knew who bought how many tickets. As Obi Wan famously said:

"Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them, stretch out with your feelings, spend big and be a winner!"

The final prize pot was 148.9 million credits with each wining roll getting them 49.63 million credits! The winners were: Bigslasher (35 tickets), Tony Stark (15 tickets) and Shiira (6 tickets) 💰

Next lottery begins on Tuesday 10th with the draw on Sunday 15th. You can read the full details of how the winners are picked on the lottery page. Play to win!

Get your free Korrealis Viceroy mount
  1. Open:
  2. Enter code: NYCANTINA17
  3. (If already logged in) Close game and log in again
  4. Check in-game mail for your Korrealis Viceroy mount
  5. You can also try these other codes from previous cantina events:


"Let's bring Theron home..."
( we can torture him before finishing him and his haircut with a light saber)



Public Service Annnouncement

Please be aware that if you are transferring toons between servers with the intent of reactivating your strongholds on two/three servers so you get the max 18, be *very* careful how you do it. I did it this morning and tried to reactivate a strongold I purchased with cartel coins. Instead of the reactivation cost being zero cartel coins, it charged me the full 2500 cc fee (unannounced) as if I've never bought the stronghold at all AND it didn't unlock the bloody stronghold. So I am out 2500cc and got nothing. And yes, I did the use the toon I'd transferred from TRE, so that's not the issue with the game not "knowing" after the transfer that I did own the SH. Currently have an angry ticket being escalated to try to fix the issue and refund my coins! So just, you know, be careful folks!
You closed the stronghold, or never had it?

I just created new toons on ToFN and all my past stronholds were there without any issues.
Didn't do anything to it, 6 SH fully unlocked on TRE (not Umbara), transferred over and Manaan wasn't present (already had others there).

Tried to reactivate Manaan using the "reactivate" button from the fleet billboard/terminal thing and instead of it being zero cc and Manaan appearing in my list it gave me an error essage, deducted 2500 cc from my account, and then didn't unlock Manaan at all. Tried relogging, tried restarting. Nothing.

Not happy doesn't really cover it!
Finally got a response from Bioware: "You paid for it, your mistake, no refund, ticket closed". Which rather ignores the complaint: that I paid for it *and didn't get it*. Second, rather angrier, ticket sent.
Classic CS, only read half of the ticket text
call them, sometimes i dont get anywhere with tickets but have always got everything sorted by calling them
Good point Adelaide, thank you for the suggestion! I'm hoping I'll have a response to the second ticket tomorrow; if it goes favourably then all's good, if it doesn't then I may well give them an angry call
There is a TOFN version of our guild? Cool, didn't know that:) Then again, I neve only played where previous server merger sent me, so I am not affected by current merger, like, at all. But its always interesting to learn new things:)
Tattoine parkour is coming home.... looking forward to it !
Ula Vii
Yeah good call dude, I forgot all about that!
I hate correcting people* but noticed that in the Dread recruitment line you referred to Omega instead.

(*A lie, I love it :P)
This guy looks like he is a modded imperial medical droid who escaped Raxus Prime with some starfighter spare parts :P

But somehow he still looks cool...
Looks like a Pterodactylus mixed with a robot. I hope the next boss won't be T-Rex =)

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