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Ula Vii / Mar 30, 2018

I'm changing how I post guild news so that there will be more frequent posts that target specific topics instead of long posts that cover many topics. The primary reason for this is because I've been busy with work-work for weeks so I keep adding topics to the list for the next news post but then once I manage to free up time to write it I see that several of those topics already feel like old news! πŸ˜…

Website Chaos
Some of you noticed the website images were missing for a while. This is part of a big update our site host is releasing in stages. The first part to affect things publicly was that they moved the image hosting and it took a while for the update scripts to go through all the pages and update the paths. A larger change to the sites theming system is on the way as well which means at some point in the next couple of months the website may suddenly look strange until I get time to rewrite the theme to work with the new system. I have no ETA on that and just expect to login one day to find it looking kooky.

Another change to our website hosting is the payment plan. Thanks to all your donations we had enough money to switch to a yearly plan which gets a 20% discount. To make the deal even sweeter our host gave us an extra 2GB image storage for free on top of the new package amount so we go from 2GB to 6GB! Plenty of room for our guild memories πŸ“·

The downside is that there is only 1 month worth of funds left for the teamspeak server which will cover until the end of May. If you want to help out then please make a donation to help keep things running.


No escape from my terrible news post easter egg videos!


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Ula Vii
Our web host implemented the next big change which involved switching all the hosted sites over to use Let's Encrypt SSL certificates. There are a few teething issues but for the most part it has gone really well. I updated a few old image links across the site so you should see the green padlock for most pages. If after refreshing the page you still see a warning that the page is using mixed content then please post a link here so I can look into it.

A few areas are still not working like the YouTube videos, the maps page and the custom fonts but I've let our host know so I'm sure they will be sorted out quickly as our host is ace with this kind of thing πŸ‘
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