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Increased prizes for our weekly conquest plus a big change with how we lead our Battle Master hunts

Ula Vii / Jun 22, 2018

Cara has been valiantly leading the ongoing war against the Battle Masters each Monday night for several months and feels now is the time for him to move onto an exciting new campaign. I'm using this as an opportunity to improve both our conquest and Battle Master systems with the first big change being that in Cara's stead I have formed a group of keen eyed fearsome killers to lead our hunts:

πŸ‘Ή The Battle Master Killers πŸ‘Ή

Improved Battle Master System & Rewards
  • You can COD mail Encryptions of all types to me for 250,000 credits each (up from 150k)
  • Encryptions drop for 12 random people in the group
  • Frameworks go into the Officer's Vault in the guild bank
  • We now have a large group of leaders in charge of our Battle Master hunts
  • The event leaders will be working independently although there may be more than one at each hunt
  • There will be no fixed time and day in our event calendar
  • Different leaders will cover different times of day; morning, afternoon, evening and late evening
  • The leaders will check the alts they placed at the Battle Master spawn points and if they find at least 3 alive then they will form a group via guild chat and the Discord LFG channel
  • Once the group is formed they will summon you to location
  • Some days there could be more than one hunt, some days there may be none. It all depends on the hunt leaders schedules and what they can find alive.

Increased Guild Weekly Conquest Score Prizes
We encourage people to get the highest conquest score each week by offering several rewards for those that earn above 100k with their legacy. The results are posted in our CQ image gallery each week as a combined list of winners from all three of our guilds so the same person could win more than once. These prizes have been significantly increased as a big thank you for the extra effort you are all putting in due to Bioware's "improved" conquest system.

  • First Place
    • Wins the Legendary rank of "Minister of War"
    • Wins a chance cube
    • Wins 5 million credits for 1st place (up from 3m)
  • Second Place
    • Wins 3 million credits for 2nd place (up from 1.5m)
  • Third Place
    • Wins 2 million credits for 3rd place (up from 1m)
  • General
    • 200k credits for each 100k points (up from 100k)
    • 300k credits for each 200k points (up from 200k)
    • Top single character point scorers in each of our 3 guilds wins 1 million credits (up from 1 person)
These changes take effect immediately and because I haven't sent out the prizes for last week's conquest yet then those will be the first of the increased rewards. Our new Battle Master system will go live within a few days of this post. Please do join in when you see the opportunity as it's fun to do things in groups, it helps the guild and it brings you one step closer to buying that shiny new item you've been watching on the GTN 🌟

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


Republic Overseer 😜



Ula Vii
This week will see us invade for our 200th conquest! Here are the stats as of 25th June 2018...

  • Total Conquests: 199
  • Total 1st Place: 181 - 90.95%
  • Total 2nd Place: 10 - 5.03%
  • Total 3rd Place: 7 - 3.52%
  • Total 4th Place: 1 - 0.50% (First week CQ was introduced)
  • Total CQ Points: 1,979,141,823
It's great timing that this coincides with the same week that it is the guilds 6 year birthday. Even though it's only the third week of our new increased CQ prizes we still have to celebrate such a momentous occasion so we will double all the prizes for this week:

  • First Place
    • Wins the Legendary rank of "Minister of War"
    • Wins a chance cube
    • Wins 10 million credits for 1st place
  • Second Place
    • Wins 6 million credits for 2nd place
  • Third Place
    • Wins 4 million credits for 3rd place
  • General
    • 400k credits for each 100k points
    • 600k credits for each 200k points
    • Top single character point scorers in each of our 3 guilds wins 2 million credits
It's been an awesome journey reaching this point with several highs and lows along the way but thanks to our great officer core it has been mostly smooth sailing.

A big thank you to all our officers and guild member for helping craft the fabric that is our guild. You make me very proud and I hope you all feel the same πŸ‘Š
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