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October Domination!

Ula Vii / Nov 15, 2018

Our special October conquest competition to celebrate our 200th first place victory was a great success which helped lots of guild members get rich from the 700 million credits in prizes that were awarded throughout the month. It was great to see you all enjoying yourselves by playing together to achieve a common goal. Well done to everybody that took part and an extra big grats to our Minister of War Iroland who accomplished the staggering task of winning first place each week! 🏆

Now the competition is complete we have started invading with Beta guild again. For those that don't know, we have two Imperial guilds and one Rep. All are part of the same entity and our events are run with all of them. The only difference between our Imperial guilds is their conquest goals:

Imperial: Stroke my Wookie (Alpha)
Alpha focuses on taking 1st place each week using our conquest rotation which means it attacks all the small, medium and large yield planets in date order with the target each week being the one that we last conquered furthest in the past. This is the place to be if you want the conquest titles and achievements.

Imperial: Stroke my Wookíe (Beta)
Beta guild's goal is simply to place in the top 10 of the Large Yield target each week to help guild members get the large augment component crafting boxes. The aim is to help our guild members get rich with hardly any effort, not to take first place.

Republic: Stroke my Wookiee
Our Republic infiltration guild is where we keep our Rep characters. Even though this is our smallest guild it still attacks the Small Yield target as it's super easy to get encryptions. It's also very handy for when we run our cross faction server events.

New Raid Lockout Rewards
We've come up with another easy way for you to make credits whilst helping the guild. Basically, get us the lockouts we need for the Tuesday & Thursday conquest events and you get 2 million credits each time we use your lockouts! So if we have 3 groups that need lockouts at both CQ nights and there are 6 raids as objectives then there is over 70 million credits up for grabs. Check out the thread I made which has the details.

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


Aaawww rooowwr rrrraahhhrr 🌟



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