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Guild Perks & Raid Team Rewards

Ula Vii / Dec 13, 2018

With patch 5.10 we get some nice in-game guild perks we will be able to use to benefit players in our guild. If you open the guild panel you can see the Perks tab. The way it works is that I can slot different perks into the slots around the ship. These provide either passive or active abilities to each of your characters. You can see the details for the ones currently in use by clicking them in the slot. You can also get a preview of ones we will be able to use in the future by clicking them in the right hand column. There are some really good ones but they require a higher guild XP level for us to access.

How do we get Guild XP?
Guild XP is directly tied to conquest and rewards 2 Guild XP for every 1 Conquest point earned with a cap of 8m GXP (4m CQ points) each week. There are tons of activities that earn points in conquest so you automatically earn points just by playing the game as you normally would πŸ†

What do we do with Reinforcement Components?
If you meet your CQ weekly score you now get a new reward called a Reinforcement Component. These are bound to the character. When you have 10 of them on a single character then you can click them to create a Reinforcement Module. You can then donate these to the guild bank officers vault. The modules are used to purchase some of the higher level perks.

How will the perks be used?
The purchased perks only last for a limited amount of time before they expire, usually in the 14-28 day range. If we want to change a perk then we don't have to wait for the perk to expire as they can be manually deleted to open the slot for another perk. Each slot has its own unique set of perks so we can't double up on them.

The plan is that we'll focus on perks to help as wide a range of the guild as possible. That means having some perks which will apply to everybody and some which will be cycled to help specific groups at different times. For instance, I can work out a schedule with the progress raid leaders were we have a week of raid focused guild perk buffs. In a similar sense if we move ahead with the PvP training sessions (more info soon!) then we can also have weeks with more PvP perks (there's a sweet Valor boost).

Guild perk set bonus
Each perk belongs to a different category. If all the perks we have activated at one time belong to the same category then we also get an extra set bonus. Each category has its own bonus. You can see the set bonuses in the bottom left of the Perks panel. On general weeks we will probably not have the set bonus active since we'll have perks from several categories but on weeks were we focus on raiding/PvP then we will factor in the bonus when choosing the perks.

Raider upgrade time
I've retired the Ghost Battalion rank and given each raid team their own custom rank. I wrote more about that here (Raid leaders please read). I think it looks really good and helps our dedicated raiders stand out 😎

Progress team rewards πŸ’°
I'm going to be rewarding each raid team for their progress. I've currently pegged 135 million credits per team and the rewards apply retroactively to their current progress so I'll be sending your squad leaders a big chunk of credits very soon. The squad leaders will handle distributing credits to their team members. That is also how it will work with future reward payments. This way in raids that span days/weeks you get rewarded as you progress through it instead of getting one big reward after the final boss. Any new x8 teams we form in the future will also be eligible for the rewards.

Hard Mode
  • Ravagers - 12 million
    • Sparky - 2m
    • Quartermaster Bulo - 2m
    • Torque - 2m
    • Master & Blaster - 4m
    • Coratanni - 2m
  • Temple of Sacrifice - 12 million
    • Malaphar the Savage - 2m
    • Sword Squadron Unit - 2m
    • The Underlurker - 2m
    • Revanite Commanders - 2m
    • Revan - 4m
  • Gods from the Machine - 14 million
    • Tyth - 2m
    • Aivela and Esne - 2m
    • Nahut - 2m
    • Scyva - 4m
    • Izax - 4m

Nightmare Mode
  • Explosive Conflict - 12 million
    • Zorn and Toth - 2m
    • Firebrand and Stormcaller - 4m
    • Colonel Vorgath - 2m
    • Warlord Kephess - 4m
  • Terror From Beyond - 16 million
    • The Writhing Horror - 2m
    • The Dread Guards - 4m
    • Operator IX - 4m
    • Kephess the Undying - 2m
    • The Terror from Beyond - 4m
  • Scum and Villainy - 18 million
    • Dash'roode - 2m
    • Titan 6 - 2m
    • Thrasher - 2m
    • Operations Chief - 2m
    • Olok the Shadow - 2m
    • Cartel Warlords - 4m
    • Dread Master Styrak - 4m
  • Dread Fortress - 16 million
    • Nefra - 2m
    • Gate Commander Draxus - 4m
    • Grob'thok - 2m
    • Corruptor Zero - 4m
    • Dread Master Brontes - 4m
  • Dread Palace - 14 million
    • Dread Master Bestia - 2m
    • Dread Master Tyrans - 4m
    • Dread Master Calphayus - 2m
    • Dread Master Raptus - 2m
    • Dread Council - 4m
  • Gods from the Machine - 21 million
    • Tyth - 3m
    • Aivela and Esne - 3m
    • Nahut - 5m
    • Scyva - 5m
    • Izax - 5m
Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


Enjoy Yourselves 🌟


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