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Return of the Nightmare Crusaders!

Ula Vii / Dec 13, 2018

I am pleased to announce the return of our all star x16 nightmare raid team the Nightmare Crusaders. This is a group of excellent raiders from across the guild with Tizia, the Master of Nightmares as their squad leader.

What is an "all star" team?
It's a term used in sports as a shortened way of saying "the team is all star players". The Crusaders will be tackling the most difficult content in the game so the team will be a mix of highly skilled people from our x8 raid teams along with a few lone wolves. Think of it as a group of people that want to do something special on a day they are not raiding with their main teams.

They will raid each Saturday afternoon at 13:00 GMT/UTC. This was intentionally chosen to avoid conflicting with our x8 teams schedules and general events.

Trials will begin on Saturday December 22nd with the first official raid planned for Saturday January 5th.

  • Ability to multi-class/multi-role (i.e swap roles/classes if we are short on specific roles/classes)
  • At least basic nightmare experience
  • Prompt and ready for raids
  • Reliable about attendance or giving plenty of notice of planned absences
  • Able to get on Starparse and Teamspeak
  • Preferably able to use discord for communication outside of the raid
How to apply
Please send a mail to Tizia on the site or in-game letting him know about your class, experience, the primary role you are applying for, your secondary role if you have one and anything else you would like to add about yourself.

I'm great, why am I not on the team?
There are limited spots. Tizia is aiming to have 20 people as permanent members of the team. Our past experience with fixed x16 teams is that with so many people it can be an issue to ensure that all 16 can be there each time. By having 20 people it means there should be enough people most weeks.

But I'm waaaaaay better than some of the Crusaders, why am I not on the team?
Tizia is aiming for a chilled group who can focus on objectives while handling their areas of expertise, not a group of prima donnas who think they are better than everybody else.

Will they be using Nightmare Crystals?
Nah, we don't consider it progress if crystals are used.

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


If at first you don't succeed... 😄



To already avoid any confusion, I will reply to ALL applications at once, please do not feel ignored if I haven't replied within a day :)
so does that mean the end of the 16nim events?
No, the regular 16nim events will continue on Sunday afternoon.

However, if Ula is planning a server event, then the 16m nim will be cancelled, but aslong no server event is planned on a sunday afternoon, then I'll lead the 16m nim.
alright nice thx
Saturday 22nd of December is the first trial raid, it will be DF nim, even if you dont know the tactics and you've applied, please sign up! trial people will get priority for that raid
Shame that the raid times mean for me that I could at most only join every other time.
This is the only time available so we can avoid conflicting the current 8m teams and guild events.
Sorry :p
I received lot of applications.

However lot of them are for melee dps.
At the moment I'm looking for more range dps, preferbly able to play merc AND sniper, or able to play both specs of merc (Arsenal and IO, mainly IO tho) or just be able to play sniper.

Preferbly no mercenaries who can play Arsenal only.

Thank you everyone for showing lot of interest!
Hi, I’m an old player. Just back in the game.
Normally play as heal (sorc/oper) and dps (merc/sniper)
So far we have 2 spots left!

1 tank + 1 dps or 2 dps! prefer dps who can play melee AND range dps!
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