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Ossus Gold Rush!

Ula Vii / Dec 20, 2018

It will help me plan our future guild perk usage more effectively if I knew more about the Reinforcement Modules that are required to purchase the highest tier guild perk. My guess is that they are a static item like a Framework that sits in the guild bank/inventory and is consumed when a top tier perk is activated. This means they should be tradeable and sellable on the GTN. I want to know all this for certain.

The standard way you get a Module is to complete your weekly CQ goal for 10 weeks. Each week as part of your CQ reward you get a single Reinforcement Component (bound to character). Once you get 10 of these on a single character then you can click the stack to convert it into a single Reinforcement Module. Pretty lengthy!

The much faster way...
Due to great teamwork we managed to pass guild level 12 and gained access to a new guild perk:

Ossus Reinforcement
You get a Reinforcement Component as a reward for [Heroic 4] Hold the Line and [Heroic 4] Supply Heist if completed while in a guild group
  • Just the two H4s on Ossus
  • You must be in a group and it must be with other characters in the same guild
Since only a very small number of guilds on our server have reached level 12, I see no reason we can't enjoy this time limited opportunity so I will enable the Ossus Reinforcements perk for both Alpha and Beta so we can farm this new rare Reinforcement commodity. At the time of writing, Alpha is already lvl15 but Beta is still lvl10 so should ding 12 later this week.

Help the guild prepare for level 64 💰
I will pay 5 million credits for each of the first 10 Reinforcement Modules traded/COD mailed to me on Ula Vii. The Ossus Reinforcement Perk is already active in Alpha guild so go do something heroic!

My speculation on Reinforcement Module sales

Any guild member can read more about each perk by visiting the Perks tab on the guild panel. Hover over a perk to view the details. Don't worry about breaking the guild ship, you can't actually change the perks without a rank permission.

There are 6 perk slots and each has several options including a single level 64 perk that requires a Module.

These top level perks last for 14 days so a guild *could* get through over 12 Modules in a month.

I think the actual usage will be much less since there are some other nice perks that don't require Modules.

For now, time is a factor. Guilds are capped at 8m GXP each week (4m CQ points) so the large guilds that pass that limit every week will hit level 64 towards the end of February 2019. That means nobody can even use the Modules for the next ~2 months!

It will take smaller guilds many more months to reach level 64 when they can use them.

The slow speed of leveling Guild XP plus the weekly cap both serve as throttles on this market since they are the two main factors that prohibit buyers from the market.

My gut feeling is that their cost on the GTN in 3+ months will be in the 100,000 - 500,000 range. There will be a fairly constant stream of people earning them just from CQ plus it's quite easy to farm the heroics with the perk enabled although the same could be said for Encryptions & Battle Masters and yet we've all seen how guilds can be lazy and the price of encryptions has crept back up to 400k+.

I think there may be some interest in Modules from buyers now just for the novelty and possibly as a gift to their own guilds. There's also the market for all the people in very small/solo guilds.

I think the people advertising them in fleet will get quite a lot of negative replies as I've read messages from a few smaller guilds who feel the system it massively advantageous to large guilds.

We just won't know what the market potential for them is until more guilds reach level 64.

It doesn't do us any harm to stock up on them now so we have enough for our own usage.


Following a rather protracted discussion in guild this morning, it is apparently necessary to clarfiy a couple of things...

This ONLY applies to Ossus, not other planet H4s

Only the H4 not the H2s

Only in a group (i.e. not solo)

Group can be 2, 3 or 4 people, but ALL in the group must be from the same guild (so no mixing alpha and beta toons)

Yes, we all know the H4 can be solo'd but that won't get you the group reward so when someone asks in guild for people to group up with, please don't tell them to "git gud" and solo it!
Beta hit level 12 now during the morning :)
Ula Vii
Great, perk enabled in both guilds now. Happy Hunting 👍
btw... You can do [Heroic 4] Supply Heist even if guild member is NOT on Ossus or complete that mission or even on fleet. You just need to be in group with guildie and solo this quest.

Ula Vii
The first Reinforcement Module has been traded with me. Big well done to Llerexo who claims the first 5 million credit reward.

So here are the details now I have one to check out:

  • Not bound at all
  • Can be mailed
  • Can be traded
  • Can be sold to a vendor for 100 credits
  • Can not be sold on the GTN
  • Module must be in the guild bank for the guild perks tab to recognise it and mark the requirement green
  • Sales of them will have to be via direct trade or COD mails

So 1 down and 9 to go with 45 million credits still up for grabs 👍
Ula Vii
The next two Modules have arrived via COD mail from Nemoaz and Alexmalak. Well done to both of you 👍

That means 7/10 are still available with a cool 35 million up for grabs 😎
Ula Vii
Great weekend of mails as another 9 modules arrived which puts it over the 10 I offered the reward for but I will pay 5m for each of them anyway as I'm really happy with seeing so many people helping each other out. So much so that I will increase the number of modules I'm after to 30.

Each of these brave heroes and heroines have been rewarded 5m credits for the 12 modules they have gathered from completing the Ossus Heroic 4 in a guild group:

  • Llerexo
  • Nemoaz x3
  • Alexmalak
  • Derpine
  • Reibeck
  • Bayyan
  • Aldrys
  • Wilhelmína
  • Seeki
  • Shayish
Thank you all, your efforts are very much appreciated.
I have also sent the module the next day after your 7 still available comment, but it came back today with mail.
Nvm guess, i can send it again tomorrow if you looking for 30 now.
Ula Vii
I did not return any mail so it must of been something automatic due to me having so much mail in my inbox recently. Do send the COD mail again and I'll handle it.
Ula Vii
Received 3 more to bring our total to 15/30

  • Raulblanco
  • Darknell
  • Phantomzxx (also had the mail returned to them thing happen the first time)
There's still 75 million credits in payment for the last 15 Reinforcement Modules so please do keep sending them to me with a 5m COD (Cash On Delivery) mail.
Ula Vii
Received 3 more to bring our total to 18/30

  • Torkwemada
  • Boom Bang
  • Commander Snowfall
There's still 60 million credits in payment for the last 12 Reinforcement Modules so please do keep sending them to me with a 5m COD (Cash On Delivery) mail.