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Beta Boosted

Ula Vii / Jul 18, 2020

I have increasingly felt that Beta can be improved to better benefit our guild and now the final piece of the puzzle has clicked into place. Since we activated Beta, it has shared the same guild perks as Alpha so that a wide range of activities are enhanced. For the foreseeable future that is changing. Beta is now going to be boosted for our progression raiders by having the Zeal set bonus continuously enabled which provides a 5% alacrity boost in all Hard Mode raids. When possible I will also choose the perks that either increase adrenal duration or reduce repair costs.

To get the most benefit from the Zeal bonus you will need to tweak your gear to account for the increased alacrity. Riku's gear guide shows the alacrity values to aim for. You may want to have two gear sets since the Zeal bonus does not apply to Nightmare raids.

We will keep an emergency stash of top level stims, adrenals and medpacs in the Beta officer's vault for progression team leaders to access if anybody on their team runs short but we would expect most raiders to be running the reusables or providing for themselves. We understand that everybody needs some help sometimes so don't be afraid to ask.

Be the best you can be
~ Ula Vii ~


If you want it, go get it. Game on!



Ula Vii
Ha typical that as soon as I post this one of our raid leaders suggests that the Might set bonus may be a better choice. We're discussing it in Discord but feel free to chime in here as well.

Ula Vii
Beta plans have been settled. The alacrity guild perk bonus will be enabled as the default option for the foreseeable future in Beta guild.

If one or more raid teams want to have the Orbital Strike bonus enabled for a night, a weekend, a week or a full two week cycle, then their team leader can post in the officer channel/forum and the other team leaders can vote on it.

This way the raiders know they can get to work setting up their alacrity tweaked gear set which will be effective for most weeks.

If the team leaders do vote to have the Orbital Strike active then all teams will have advance notice so they can plan their progressions accordingly to avoid the boss fights that it can make things "interesting" 😅
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