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Patch 7 Battleplan & 10 Year Celebrations

Ula Vii / Nov 30, 2021

🎉 December 14th: Patch 7.0 - Legacy of the Sith 🎉
🎉 December 20th: 10 Year Anniversary Celebrations Begin 🎉
🎉 January: R-4 Anomaly Operation Arrives 🎉

SWTOR celebrates it's 10 year anniversary on 20th December 2021 and because they know it's a big deal to reach double digits they are holding an entire year of celebrations. What makes this even cooler is that the celebration period covers two of our own anniversaries:

We're just a few months away from reaching 10 years which is already a huge accomplishment and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Thank you for everything big and small that you've done to make this the guild that it is today.

To make our journey to the 10th year extra fun, we will fully embrace the SWTOR year of celebrations by taking everything learned over the last decade to make this one of the most special years in the game's history. I have already planned several celebration events across the next 10 months starting this December:

Celebration & Holiday Events

Play well and have fun!
~ Ula Vii ~


⭐️ Patch 7 Renown, Character Leveling & Gearing ⭐️

Legacy of the Sith raises the character level to 80, introduces several tiers of gear and archives the renown system. We've implemented a three stage plan to help you get sorted for patch 7.0 and the R-4 Anomaly. 👾


Stage 1: Renown Boosting
Join our special Renown Boosting events to get yourself the cool achievement titles before they get archived when patch 7.0 arrives on 14th December 🚫

10 Achievements: Legacy->Advancement->Renown
  • Title: Limitless - Reach renown 999
  • Title: Renowned - Reach renown 100 for each class to get 8 unique Renowned titles
  • Title: Everybody Knows My Name - Reach renown 100 with all classes
Our Complete Renown Booster Event Series


Stage 2: Character Speed Leveling
Our Conqueror team will help you reach level 80 with our special Heroic Power Leveling event series:


Stage 3: Gearing
With patch 7.0 all the current raids are branded as "Legacy Operations" and you won't be able to enter any of them until you reach level 80. After we've helped you get to the max character level we have a series of special gearing events to get you ready for the new "R-4 Anomaly" raid in January:

Life Enhancers
Once the patch drops we will work towards rebuilding a fresh stock of the new top level single use stims, medpacs, adrenals and grenades for our guild bank Life Enhancer vaults. As a Christmas bonus we will also aim to provide one set of reusables for every member of our progress raid teams. 🎁

Level 76 Set Bonus Warning
All set bonuses on your current gear will stop working when you reach level 76. The set bonus feature has been moved to the two implant slots as "Legendary Items".

New Gear
There are 4 types of gear that drop:

  • Conquest - Decurion
  • Flashpoints - Master Mode: Noble Decurion / Veteran Mode: Elite Decurion
  • Operations - Story Mode: Tionese / Veteran Mode: Columi / Master Mode: Rakata
  • PvP/GSF - Thyrsian
Although each content area drops different gear types, you can wear it in all content. The only differences are the vendor you buy them from and the source for the currency/materials required to get them. You can read more about the gear in Swtorista's PTS 7.0 gear guide.

New Gear Levels
318: Trash Gear > Drops before level 80 > Legacy Operations balanced for 318
320: Trash Gear > Drops from level 80 > You can't get 320 or above until you reach level 80!
322: Legacy Operations Story Mode
326: CQ, PvP, GSF & Legacy Operations Veteran (Hard) Mode
328: R-4 Anomaly Story Mode
330: Legacy Operations Master (Nightmare) Mode & R-4 Anomaly Veteran (Hard) Mode
332: R-4 Anomaly Veteran (Hard) Mode
334: R-4 Anomaly Veteran (Hard) Mode


"Be the best you can be"



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