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SMW A Decade Of Victories

Ula Vii / Jul 04, 2022

Congratulations Wookies, today marks 10 years since our guild was founded and we started kicking ass! There are not many guilds that can say they survived the chaos of the early times, multiple server merges and 10 years of uninterrupted awesomeness!

My philosophy has been that if we provide fun events and a positive environment to ensure you enjoy your evenings then maybe your days will be a little brighter and that will ripple to others around you both in and out of the game. Our positive vibes clearly reached a lot of people as the guild has dominated the game for an entire decade which is no small feat. We've been the luxury guild home that members return to when they resub throughout the years so every member past and present shares in our success. I applaud you all 👏

10 Years Of Victories
It's been a phenomenal ten years and I am extremely proud of everything we have accomplished. We've hosted over sixty progression raid teams, we've led hundreds of server events to benefit the wider community and we've run thousands of guild events to help make sure you have the most enjoyable time imaginable. The guild has taught me countless life lessons and I am a better person because of it. I honestly believe we have been one of the best guilds any game has seen and I wish to thank every one of you for contributing to such an amazing experience. ❤️❤️❤️


The Circle Is Now Complete

Back in December the devs made a big deal about it being the games 10th year and that it was such a special occasion they were going to throw a whole year of celebrations. This helped me realise that it wasn't just another guild birthday for us. It's a decade of achievements and victories. A decade of learning and self improvement. A decade of meeting new friends and a decade of incredible memories. Ten years of success is an amazing milestone for anything in life and for me it was a wake up call. It's time to see what I can do if I spend the next 10 years focusing the same energy on the real world! As we have always been an event focused guild, I decided to embrace the year of celebrations and run over 50 special events to mark the final chapter in the book of Stroke my Wookie. 😥

I kept my intentions secret so everybody could enjoy the party but as we enter the final months it is important that you are aware of what's coming so you can plan your future. July 4th is the guild's 10 year birthday and September 12th will be 10 years since I ascended the skull throne and claimed the mantle of Emperor. On that day I will either entrust lead to a successor or close the guild down.

A New Day, A New Beginning?
I have asked the officers if any of them want to continue the guild in their own image with one caveat; I'm taking the name with me into the void so that if the guild continues it will be a fresh start! I will post back in a few days when the outcome is known.

If none of them want the responsibility then on my final day in September I will bid everyone farewell and turn off the lights after the weekly reset as you move to your new guilds. Then I will let my sub lapse.

Update: Stuart will take lead of the guild on September 12th. It will be renamed to signify a fresh start and new direction. Check my comment below this news post for more information.

Grand Finale: Laugh It Up, Fuzzball!
There's no need to do anything right now. My last day is over 2 months away so the guild will continue to be as badass as ever until then 👊😁

I've planned three months of special events as a grand finale and starting with the next conquest, I have more than tripled our conquest rewards so you win 1 million credits for every 100k points. Thanks to Quartermaster Phrixi, we have several vaults of high value prizes to dish out in our daily Going Away Roster Giveaways!

  • Champion Killers Server Event Series - Get the Tyrant and Liberator achievements
  • Gree 100 Player Kills & 5000+ Manhunter Kills Server Event
  • Guilds 10th Anniversary 10 Billion Credit Guild Lottery
  • Guilds 10th Anniversary 10 Billion Credit Server Giveaway
  • Loremasters Server Event Series - Get the Galactic Loremaster achievement and title

  • Lots of the R-4 Anomaly Raid!
  • Manhunter 50k Server Event Series - We'll do at least 25k each session
  • Patch 7.1 Release 7.1 Billion Credit Guild Lottery
  • PvP Massacre: Rakghoul, Manaan, Oricon & Yavin
  • Treasure Hunters Server Event Series - Dozens of random fun achievements and titles!

  • Singing Raid: Songs To Say Goodbye
  • Goodbye Guild Lottery
  • Wedding
  • Drunken Monster Bash Server Event
  • Make final news post
  • Hand over guild lead or turn off the lights

Special Invitation

Back in 2018 I met the love of my life. In 2019 I proposed by hiding a tiny note inside a Star Wars Rose ring and then putting that in the last box of the Christmas advent calendar. In June 2021 we got married with a small ceremony that my mom, auntie and an old friend attended and then in October as covid lockdown measures eased we were able to have a second slightly larger wedding in Germany so my wife's family could attend. I asked her to keep our relationship secret in-game as I wanted to protect her from the trolls who target me but I know it's been eating her up that she can't tell her friends so now this era is drawing to a close, I want her to have what she wished for and more so in super ultra dorky fashion... please accept my invitation to the in-game wedding of Ula Vii and Lexendra on Saturday September 10th 💗 (which will be followed by an absinthe fueled drunken Monster Bash as our final event!)

I've loved you always. I always will.
~ Ula Vii ~


We get to go out on our own terms. Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker!



;-; u will be missed big man
What an incredible journey this has been and what an incredible leadership, which could not have been done to such a high level by anyone else in this game nor in others. This guild has reached heights no other guild were even near, which is a result of the members but definitely also a result of leader of the journey. You have done an amazing job for the past ten years, and I am sure you will be able to do the same in the next many years in your own life.
I am shocked both you and Lex were able to hide this, I thought I knew you both so well, but didn't notice a thing. But I could not think of a better match than you two, and the perfect Wookie-story ❤️
Wish you all the best for the future mate! ✊😄
To say the least Ula,you have been the best GM i ever had in any MMO,allways working hard to make the game fun!
Firstly, congratulations to you and Lexendra. May you have a long, healthy and happy life together.

Secondly, thank you for running a most amazing guild, and to all the team that help you do so.

Whilst I'm gutted, I respect your decision. I had to make a similar one with a hobby of mine a few years back. As with that, I hope someone else can step up to take over the reins. I've enjoyed my limited play time with the guild and only regret not joining years earlier.
Talk about interesting NEWS post by Ula'vii...out of every news post so far, this is my favourite.

Though it kind of fills the eyes with some tears, since it's been a journey filled with happy moments, the next Chapter will be even more interesting.
Happy for Ula & Lex, great news <3 xoxo.

p.s. i accept the nomination to be the next Emperor - the guild will be called Yoyo's Minnions.
You definately are the biggest pillar of this guild, I hope it continues under a different name, but it won't be the same without you.

Congratulations to you and Lexendra on your marriage.
It was really cool to be a part of this guild. You were an amazing leader and without you the guild would have never flourished the way it did! Congratulations to Lex and you on your marriage!

Enjoy life! <3
Congrats to Ula and Lexendra, enjoy your life after SWTOR you were great to always make SMW a home on all the occassion I ran with you guys over the last few years. 10 years running a guild is a very long time, I always wondered how you kept on managing it as it is a tough job to say the least. But you did great on that :)

Anyway good luck and I will try to be there for a few events after my vacation is over.
Ula Vii
I am pleased to announce that Stuart is to succeed me as guild leader after my departure on September 12th which saves the guild from closing down! I have promoted him to the rank of Emperor's Apprentice while we get him prepared and he decides how he will reshape the guild once he is given lead which includes picking the new guild name to signify the new beginning. My priorities are to make sure you all have a great time until my watch is over and that the leader who follows me has everything they need to ensure you have an amazing start. Here's a timeline so you know what's coming up:

⭐️ Between now and September 12th everything will remain as super cool as usual.
🏁 We'll continue with the Grand Finale to mark the end of the Stroke my Wookie era.
📜 I will complete the handover docs this weekend and present them to the officers.
🔨 Stuart will continue planning what he will keep the same and what he will be changing.
📆 Myself, Stuart and the officers will work together to make sure everything is set for the handover and beyond.
⛵️ On September 12th I will rename the guild, transfer lead to Stuart and bid everyone farewell before leaving the guild and logging out.
🚀 On September 12th if you decide to stay then your new adventure will begin in the renamed guild with Stuart and the remaining officers.
🍻 You can suggest new guild names in our Discord #guild-name-contest
My time as active SWTOR player ended at 2019 but I never stopped to be a Wookie... The guild was always an amazing gaming family for me. I had fun, I learnt a lot, I cried, I loved people and ultimately I became better as a person. So thank you for your hard work all these years and for your friendship! Even though endings are sad they also represent new exciting beginnings! ❤️ u guys!