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About SMW

Stroke my Wookie

Welcome to Stroke my Wookie

We are a multi record breaking SWTOR Imperial guild on the "Darth Malgus" EU server. We have been running continuously for over 9 years across 3 servers. We have members from around the world enjoying all aspects of the game.

As a guild member you can signup for our 30+ events available each month.
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We enjoy helping you get very rich as having credits opens up so much more of the game for you.
> How To Win Millions <
We dominate the galaxy in the weekly Planetary Conquest and we encourage you to join in with over 3 billion credits in prizes every week.
> Our World Records <
If you want to make your own groups then you can ask in guild chat and our Discord #group-finder channel. Don't be afraid to ask the rest of us for help as we enjoy being a social guild!
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We have several progression raid squads for people that want more out of raiding. We provide each team with their own roster, progress tracker and killshots gallery.
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Treat yourself!
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