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About Us

Stroke my Wookie

We have members from the Core Worlds all the way to the Unexplored Regions which means we cater for a lot of different tastes. Some people just do Flashpoints, others enjoy the challenge of Raid Operations, a few focus on leveling up characters to see the different stories and lots of us love the action of PvP & Starfighter combat.

Signup for events

We run a variety of weekly events which are open to all guild members. To join in just find the one you like in the event calendar and then set your attendance at the bottom to let us know you are going.

Join a raiding squadron

For people that want more out of raiding we have 6 progression raid squads. If you are interested in joining or just want more information you should see our Raiding page.


Several of us enjoy both casual and ranked PvP plus we also have some ace Starfighters. Just shout out in guild chat if you want to make groups and remember that we have dedicated PvP channels in Teamspeak so be sure to use them to co-ordinate your attacks! If you want more from PvP then check our PvP & GSF teams page.

Galactic Conquest

We are out to dominate the galaxy in the weekly Guild Planetary Conquest event and we encourage you to join in. Each week we give awards to the people with the top 3 highest conquest scores. 1st place wins the in-game guild rank of "Minister of War", a Cartel Pack and 3 million credits. 2nd place wins 1.5m and 3rd place gets 1m. Read what you can do on our conquest page.

Win competitions

We run several competitions on a regular basis. Currently we have a weekly guild lottery where one lucky wookie walks away with millions of credits and each month we host both a Damage Contest and PvP Knockout Tournament with big credit prizes and prestige. There is more information on our Competitions page.

Use our website

There are lots of useful things on our website if you know where to look. Here are some good ones:

Check our crafters page

Our crafters page is a great place to start if you want to buy or sell the latest gear including armorings, mods, stims and meds. If you are buying then you just provide the materials or a fee to cover the materials. This can save millions of credits per item over the GTN. As a crafter you get to keep all of your crits which as we all know is where the real credits are!

Visit our Guild Ship & Dromund Kaas Stronghold

Open the strongholds panel with the U key and then pick the Guild tab on the left. Out ship is a great hub for accessing all the utilities in one place.

Use the Guild Bank

We have several Guild Bank vaults in the game which available to all guild members. They are extremely useful as you are leveling up. You can find guild bank terminals on fleet opposite the GTN area, inside the super exclusive bar upstairs next to the GTN terminal and on our Guild Flagship.

Meet the Officers

We run a pretty tight ship so it's good for you to know who our are the Officers. You can see them all on our ranks page. Contact them in-game or through the site with any questions or suggestions you may have.

Join in!

If you want to do a Flashpoint, Operation or PvP then ask in Guild Chat in-game. Even if you are just having a problem with a class quest you can still ask other members to help you. We enjoy being a social guild so don't be afraid to join in!

If you are not a member yet but want to join us then sign up here.