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"I never lose. I either win or learn."
~Nelson Mandela~

The Crimson Wolves raid between 19:00-22:00 on Monday, Tuesday and Friday

Tanks Healers DPS
  1. Queen Silver
  2. Tizia
  1. Moraelin
  2. Nurilyx
  1. Aba'donn
  2. Bigbad Commando
  3. Dormei
  4. Flavah - Leader of the Crimson Wolves
  5. Sandra
  6. Septima

Kill Shots

Gods from the Machine

Temple of Sacrifice


Dread Palace: Nightmare Mode

Dread Fortress

Scum & Villainy

Terror from Beyond

Denova Explosive Conflict: Nightmare Mode

Karagga's Palace

Eternity Vault