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Galactic Conquest
Stroke my Wookies Galactic Conquest

Stroke my Wookie maintain our grip on the galaxy by taking part in the weekly planetary conquest in-game event:

  1. Fun objectives encourage people to play together and try a wide range of activities
  2. Win a legacy title for each planet "Conqueror of PlanetName", collect them all and get "The Galaxy Conqueror"
  3. The game rewards you with crafting materials, tech fragments and Conquest Equipment Crates
  4. We reward billions of credits each week to thank guild members for helping
  5. You get to conquer the galaxy!
Read How Conquest Works: (click to show)

Each Tuesday afternoon the in-game weekly conquest event restarts and 3 or more planets become available for invasion. This means that the officers in charge of conquest select one of these planets and click the Invade button. Over the week each guild accumulates conquest points and the one with the most points wins all the prizes listed earlier.

Most activities in the game generate conquest points and some have special bonuses that change each week. The bonus objectives are displayed on the left of the Conquest panel. The points you earn count towards your personal weekly goal but they also increase the guild's score. Points you earn above your weekly don't count personally but they still increase the guild's score.

Conquest Panel

You can see where our guild stands in the weekly leaderboards on the Guild Invasions tab of your Log.

Guild Invasions Panel

We hold many world records for conquest

Great guild extra rewards

The game automatically gives you crafting materials, tech fragments and a Conquest Equipment Crate when you reach your weekly conquest target. Our guild offers an extra level of sweet prizes:

  • Each week we award 1 million credits for every 100k conquest points you earn across your legacy in our Imperial guild
  • Bonus Top 20 Prizes: 1st 50 million credits | 2nd 40m | 3rd 30m | 4th 20m | 5th-10th 15m | 11th-20th 10m
  • We take care of all the score totaling for you and mail the rewards so you win just by playing the game.

Join our Conqueror groups

We have a dedicated team called the Conquerors who form groups in guild chat and our Discord group finder channel throughout the week to help you complete conquest objectives including Flashpoints, Heroics, Rampages, Star Fortresses, Uprisings and CQ World Bosses. After every objective the group gets to /roll with the highest scorer winning millions of credits. Everybody in guild is welcome to join our Conquerors.

Enjoy yourself!

What's great is that you don't have to do anything besides play the game and you automatically win big. We total up every player's combined legacy score in our Imperial guild during the weekly conquest reset each Tuesday and then post the results to our website's Conquest image gallery. We mail the prizes to all the winning players.


Top 50 Conquest Scorers Since 6.0

This is the combined legacy score for each player since the big 6.0 conquest changes. It gets updated each week to include the latest results.