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Galactic Conquest
Stroke my Wookies Galactic Conquest

Stroke my Wookie maintain our grip on the galaxy by taking part in the weekly planetary conquest event. There are 3 reasons to conquer the planets:

  1. Get a legacy title for each planet "Conqueror of PlanetName", collect them all and get "The Galaxy Conqueror"
  2. Each week there are fun objectives to complete which encourages people to play together and try a wide range of activities
  3. You get to conquer the galaxy!

Each week there are different objectives on the left of the Conquest panel which you can complete to earn conquest points such as certain flashpoints or group finder operations. The points you earn count towards your personal weekly goal but they also increase the guilds score. Points you earn above your weekly don't count personally but they still increase the guilds score. The winner is the guild with the most points when the event ends each Tuesday evening. As you can imagine, we need everybody to contribute to our conquest score. You can see where our guild stands in the weekly leaderboards on the Guild Invasions tab of your Log.

Conquest Panel

Play to win!

Each week we calculate the total number of conquest points for all your wookie characters in each of our three guilds and give rewards to the the top scorers. You don't have to do anything special as we calculate the totals for you and mail the prizes. That way you can focus on enjoying the game however you please and still get fun CQ prizes.

  • 1st: In-game guild rank of "Minister of War", a Chance Cube and 10,000,000 credits
  • 2nd: 6,000,000 credits
  • 3rd: 4,000,000 credits
  • Bonus Winners: 5 million credits for highest single character score in each of our 3 guilds
  • Bonus: 500k credits for each 100k points
  • Bonuses apply to everybody, not just top 3 so each of you with at least 100k points wins a prize
  • If you score more than 100k in more than one of our guilds then those scores are totaled together
  • Every time you reach your weekly goal the game rewards you with a set of decorations, some scrap you can trade for crafting materials and a credit token. You get another set of similar rewards if the guild wins the planet.

Maximise your Stronghold Completion Bonus to get all your conquest points multiplied. 1000 points with 100% bonus gives you 2000.

Join our weekly Planetary Conquest events where we farm Conquest Commanders and tackle any group objectives such as raid operations and assaulting Republic base defenses.