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Peace is a lie, there is only passion
Through passion, I gain strength
Through strength, I gain power
Through power, I gain victory
Through victory, my chains are broken
The Force shall free me

The Nightmare Crusaders focus on the most difficult 16 person raids each Saturday from 19:00
Led by the Nightmare Masters Tizia & Alicia 👹

Tanks Healers DPS
  1. Alicia - Co-Leader of the Crusaders
  2. Juggenaughty
  1. Hughesy
  2. Mefistofela
  3. Tali
  4. Tiz - Co-Leader of the Crusaders
  1. Ahulane
  2. Boom
  3. Cal
  4. Dureresin
  5. Huxley
  6. LFG
  7. Mërc
  8. Sgtreynolds
  9. Xelthea
  10. Xyzine

Kill Shots

Dxun - The Nature of Progress

Dread Palace: Nightmare Mode