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We encourage all our members to get involved with PvP and Starfighter combat, just ask in guild chat and see if anybody wants to join you in a group. If you are a dedicated PvPer who uses teamspeak and wants to work as part of a team then our elusive PvP War Hero rank is what you should aim for. For those that live for the moment you blast your opponents into debris clouds in space based combat then our Starfighter Ace rank is the place to be.

How to join

You must prove yourself in combat for the current members to the point that one of them will nominate you. You have to be one of those people that others on your team recognise in the pre-match team line-up and think it means easy victory or where your enemies see you and quit before the match even begins 😈

Don't worry if you're still a rookie, most War Heroes and Aces are more than happy to help you improve if you are willing to follow their instructions 👍

PvP War Heroes

Our War Heroes can group together safe in the knowledge that every one of them has incredible skill. The primary focus is 8 person unranked although several enjoy ranked.

Starfighter Aces

If you are serious about becoming a Starfighter Ace then you will already recognise these names. Prove yourself worthy to have your name carved into the list of legends.