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These are multi-stage 1v1 knockout tournaments with big credit prizes for the top 3 fighters and the legendary guild rank of Champion for the winner. Depending on the number of combatants the entire event should last about 1-2 hours. There are 3-4 stages plus a bonus fight to decide who claims 3rd position. You can see the results from our previous tournaments using the tabs above.

Fight Progression
We use a stage tree to select the fighters for each match after the first round. For the first round all contestants type /roll into ops chat and then we pit them against each other so top 2 rolls are the first fight, next 2 highest rolls make the second fight and so on. The next stage will see the winners vs each other. We keep doing that until we have 2 legendary heroes that fight for supremacy. Before the final match we have the losers of the 3rd stage fight each other to decide 3rd place.

After each stage we will move to a new location. There will be a short break for the group while the non participating officers and myself relog to alts we have waiting. When everybody is back from the break we will teleport the entire group to the new venue. This keeps it interesting as none of the fighters know the locations and each place brings unique challenges.


  1. This is a 1v1 knockout tournament
  2. 1 fight at a time
  3. Each match is decided from the best of 3 rounds
  4. The match begins when I say it begins!
  5. There is no entry fee
  6. The prizes for the top 3 fighters:
    • 1st: 20 million credits
    • 2nd: 10 million credits
    • 3rd: 5 million credits
  7. The 1st place winner will receive both the in-game and website legendary rank of Champion to let everybody know of their great achievement. The rank will remain until the next contest.
  8. You can only use 1 character for the entire tournament so choose wisely but remember that you can still change spec/gear between rounds/matches/stages
  9. All buffs you can cast yourself and medpacs allowed
  10. Rounds that reach 5 minutes are considered draws
  11. If we have 3 draws in a row then we go to sudden death, the factors for this will depend on the fighters
  12. If there is an uneven number of fighters for any stage then the unmatched people will go last and the losers from that stages previous fights get to /roll for the chance to fight them and continue in the tournament if they win
  13. All contestants must be running Teamspeak and have it installed and tested before the contest start time. You don't have to speak but you do have to listen.
  14. If you get disconnected during a match you lose the round unless both contestants agree to a restart, that is, if they decide to wait for you to reconnect
  15. Must be on time for your fight, if you are not ready to start within 3 minutes of your match/round being called then you will be disqualified
  16. We run the event with either 8 or 16 combatants depending on the number of signups
  17. Level 70 only!
  18. Your companions will have to wait outside, we don't want them here! (no companions)
  19. Spectators are there to watch, do not use your abilities on them!
  20. Must be above Rookie rank in-game
  21. No trolling that affects the outcome of matches or distracts the fighters. Ulavii decides what constitutes trolling. You will be disqualified/kicked from guild.
  22. No cheating of any kind. Ulavii decides what constitutes cheating. You will be disqualified and have the shame of being known as a dirty cheat.