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Stroke my Wookie is a team orientated guild. In a single night we might have several raid and PvP teams all playing at the same time. To keep things organised we use the Event Calendar to keep track of when each event occurs as well as the people that have signed up to indicate their attendance.

Casual Raiders

We run a varied mix of weekly events which are open to all guild members. Make sure to read the event descriptions to make sure you meet the minimum gear and experience requirements. To join our events just find one in the event calendar you would like to attend and then set your attendance on the "Roles" tab at the bottom to let us know you are going.

Progress Raiders

For people that want more out of raiding we have 7 progression raid teams; Black Sun Squadron, Fury Squadron, Joker Squadron, Phantom Squadron, Shadow Squadron, Titan Squadron and Wraith Squadron. You can learn more about the squads by clicking their insignias above.

Raiding: Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to join a raid?
  • All raiders should be using a statistics parser to compare themselves against their team mates. The guild uses Starparse. You should download and install it before your first raid begins.
  • We use Teamspeak as our free voice communication client. You must download and install it to join us on any of our raids. You don't have to talk but you do have to listen. Raid leaders generally frown upon people that do not speak in Teamspeak so if there is one spot left and the choice is between a talker and a typer, expect the talker to be chosen.
  • Everybody is expected to bring their own Stims, Adrenals and Medpacs. You may find it cheaper to craft your own or ask one of our guild crafters to make them for you
How do I sign up to raids?

Login to the site and then open the raid you would like to attend in the Event Calendar. At the bottom on the "Roles" tab it asks "Will you attend this event?". Select "Yes" on the right side and then select the character you would like to take. You should now see your name added to the list of signups. It's always a good idea to signup even if there are already enough people signed up for your role. If one of them cannot make it then you may be next in line to go!

If you sign up, turn up!!!

If you signup for a raid then turn up for it. Do not signup to every event you see and then unsign 2,5,10,15 minutes before. Look at your calendar/work schedule and see if you can be there before you signup. If you really can not make it on the night then post a comment on the event to explain why. Raid leaders are busy at start time and your random /w might be missed.

How do I join a progression raid squad?

The first step is to read the page for each squad to see which schedule matches your own, each of them raids at different times. You can see those pages by clicking their names at the top of this page. Finally, contact the raid leader either through the site by clicking their name at the bottom of the raid page or in-game. If you are not sure which squad to join make a post in our squadron applications forum.

What gear do I need to join a squad?

At least fully augmented 306 level gear.

What's a typical progression raid squad composition?

We usually have 8+ people in each squad with the most common setup being 2 tanks, 2 healers and 4 DPS.

What is the guilds raid progress?

You can see the guilds current progress in the side bar of our site. You can see each squads individual progress by visiting that squad's page.