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We've achieved several world records for Conquest. We reward 1 million credits for every 100k points and 330m for the top 20 legacies!

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Conquest Nights

Kill adds and world bosses at our Tuesday & Thursday Conquest events and /roll to win 10m credits for each.

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Conqueror Groups

Our Conqueror team leads groups throughout the week to win you millions of credits for rampages, special bosses and Flashpoints.

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Dark vs Light

Hunt Dark vs Light bosses at the start of the DvL victory state for a chance to win a 5,000,000 credit death bounty for each kill.

Hunt Dark vs Light bosses

Death Bounties

We offer billions of credits in death bounties to eliminate raid bosses from our guild progress tracker. Disintegrations encouraged.

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Guild Bank

We want you to be the best you can be so our guild bank provides top level stims, adrenals, medpacs and grenades along with vaults full of high quality items for you to enjoy.


We run a lot of high value item and credit giveaways in our Discord #giveaways channel which all active guild members can tap to win!

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5 Winner Lottery

Each month our guild lottery makes 5 lucky wookies very rich! It costs 1 million per ticket and the guild adds 1 billion to seed the pot.

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Sell Encryptions

Send Ula Vii a Cash On Delivery mail with your Flagship Encryptions & Dark Project MK-1s for 3 million credits each.

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Scoreboard Champion

Climb the DPS & healer parsing scoreboards to win millions of credits, the Champion rank and glory!

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