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Stroke my Wookie Conquest Prizes


We've achieved several world records for Conquest. We reward 200k credits for every 100k points and an extra 5m for the top five legacies.

Join our planetary conquest

Galaxy Killer Rampage Groups

Galaxy Killers

Join our Galaxy Killer rampage groups to get summoned to add killing locations where you can win 250,000 credits.

Become a Galaxy Killer

Tuesday Conquest Event

Tuesday Nights

Our Tuesday Conquest event includes a HMx16 final boss, full SMx16 raid and Galaxy Killer groups who win 500,000 credits for each location.

Join Tuesday Conquest events

Battlemaster Hunter Groups


Our Battlemaster Hunting groups get you Encryptions worth 400k and the chance to win a Framework. Watch /g for groups and get the Discord @Battlemaster Hunter role for group notifications.

Dark vs Light Bounty Groups

Dark vs Light

Hunt Dark vs Light bosses at the start of the DvL victory state for a chance to win a 250,000 credit death bounty for each kill.

Hunt Dark vs Light Bosses

Progression Raid Team Rewards

Progression Rewards

Our raiders benefit from the 5% Alacrity bonus, extended adrenals and reduced repair costs. We reward millions for each boss they progress.

View the rewards

Grand Chance Cube Rewards

Grand Chance Cubes

We reward Grand Chance Cubes to players who show exceptional skill or outstanding development during our guild events.

View 6.0 class & stats guide

3 Winner Lottery

3 Winner Lottery

Every 2 weeks our guild lottery makes 3 lucky wookies very rich! It costs 1 million per ticket and the guild adds 30m to seed the pot.

Play the lottery

Sell Crafting Materials

Sell Crafting Mats

Sell us crafting materials that are on our shopping list. It might not look like much but you will be surprised how quickly it adds up!

View shopping list

Sell Modules And Humanoid Skulls

Sell Modules & Skulls

Send Ula Vii a Cash On Delivery mail with your Reinforcement Modules for 100k and Humanoid Skulls for 1000 credits.

How To Create COD Mails