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Scoreboard Champions
Stroke my Wookie Scoreboard Heroes

Join the Stroke my Wookie Scoreboard Champions to show us where you stand in the rankings and see what kind of numbers you should be aiming for. There are some great rewards:

  • Reach #1 in any of the boards to win the honour of wearing the Champion rank in-game and Discord for the duration of your reign
  • Ascend to the top spot for any of the top 5 class boards to receive the #Advanced Class# Master member note tag in-game
  • Become the Champion of Champions by taking #1 in either of the Top 30 boards to receive the Damage Master or Healing Master member note tag in-game
  • You win 5 million credits when you take the top spot in any of the boards
  • You win 5 million credits the first time you enter the top 5 in the top 30 boards with a new class/spec combo
  • The Champions have their names and scores displayed in the Scoreboard Champions box on our homepage so all can see their great achievement
  1. Make sure you have combat logging enabled in Preferences->Game->Combat Logging:Tick "Combat Logging to File"
  2. Equip your operations training dummy with the 6.5 million HP mod which you buy from the ship legacy droid
  3. Complete a session with the dummy and if you achieve a score that would get you into any of the scoreboards then upload your log to the Parsely log parser site.
    • Combat logs are stored in My Documents\Star Wars - The Old Republic\CombatLogs
  4. If you don't have one already, make a new thread in the Scoreboard Champions forum for yourself. Each time you want your score updated, post a reply in that thread which includes:
  1. Your character must be in Stroke my Wookie and this must be displayed on the Parsely website
  2. Imperial parses only!
  3. Only parses created after 3rd November 2020 are allowed
  4. Adrenals, stims and medpacs are allowed
  5. No Cybertech crafted grenades allowed
  6. No Nightmare Pilgrim buff
  7. No Membrosia Orbs
  8. No companions & heroic moments!
  9. No activating and swapping tacticals prior to parsing
  10. No using other people's abilities
  11. Only buffs you can provide yourself are allowed
  12. If what you are doing can't be seen in the parse log then it is not allowed
  1. Only DPS parses on your personal starship are allowed
  2. You can use the Training Dummy Armor Reduction Module
  3. Do not build stacks/buffs on a dummy or person before starting the parse. Exceptions are Mercenaries (Supercharged Gas) and Marauders (Fury).
  1. Only healing parses at your Rishi stronghold are allowed
  2. You must use the Training Dummy Advanced Health Modulator
  3. You can use the Training Dummy Healing Invigorator Module
  4. Pre-stacking is allowed, for example Supercharged Gas, Innervate and Tactical Advantage
  5. Pre-casting abilities is allowed
  6. Maximum 1 Training Dummy and 1 additional target including yourself

Commander Alicia & Commander Tiz are in charge of the scoreboards.

Yes. Each guild member has a single entry for each of the advanced class & spec combos. When you submit a parse we update your entry for that combo. We ignore the character entirely.

It's worth entering to say "this is where I am now" and then as you improve your skills you can submit your latest parses to see yourself move up in the rankings. Sometimes it's just a class thing but you can still aim to be the best in your class.

The boards usually get updated weekly.

Contact Alicia, Tiz or Ula Vii and they will investigate further if required. Cheating is a serious offense that in most cases will result in a guild kick.