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(Aug 08, 2020)
Looking for people to help with Fleet Datacron this Sunday at 13:00 BST
(Aug 02, 2020)
Congratulations to our 85.6m Guild Lottery winners: Brecthor, NΓΈxa and Malkizid πŸ’°
(Jul 23, 2020)
News Post: SMW 8 Years Of Victories
(Jul 21, 2020)
News Post: Return Of Legacy Scoring
(Jul 19, 2020)
Congratulations to our 68.6m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Seh'vayah and Spice Melange πŸ’°
(Jul 18, 2020)
News Post: Beta Boosted
(Jul 14, 2020)
Another world first: Guild Level 300 πŸ†
(Jul 14, 2020)
Left hand column where it says "Helpful Guides"
(Jul 14, 2020)
where is the guide forthe 6.0 for all chars guys
(Jul 04, 2020)
Happy order 66 Day !
(Jul 03, 2020)
We're going for Big Game Hunter legacy title tonight, make sure to signup if you want it!
(Jul 01, 2020)
Happy Birthday Guild - 8 Years Today
(Jun 28, 2020)
Drop a post in this thread to let BW know. More that post the better.
(Jun 28, 2020)
Dany had this, he said he just had to keep restarting the game and it let him in on the 12th attempt!
(Jun 28, 2020)
Aaxx here. got hit by the quickplay bug. Unable to log on any char.
(Jun 27, 2020)
yesterday solved after many trys and today cant log again :/
(Jun 26, 2020)
Lots of ppl with same problem since patch. BW will have to fix.
(Jun 26, 2020)
reboot not solved, deleted many times bitraider folder and sercices.msc things and worked
(Jun 26, 2020)
reboot game/pc
(Jun 26, 2020)
anyone knows how to fix login? only can slect new chars, says downloading