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(Oct 17, 2018)
I added you to /f last night but you weren't online. I'll keep a look out tonight.
(Oct 16, 2018)
Hi all, I have returned to the game after a break and was wondering whether I could get an invite back to the guild after reset.
(Oct 15, 2018)
Those are great, thank you very much Murdertoys! Placed both on Alpha guild ship just in front of spawn area.
(Oct 15, 2018)
unlocked stripper terminal and beast pack enjoy
(Oct 15, 2018)
ow unlocked for u guys ^^ fun for like 2 secs ^^
(Oct 15, 2018)
HUTT disguise terminal
(Oct 14, 2018)
well, was browsing the youtube checking that apeiron shutdown and got dragged into watching this again: Thought about sharing for those who never seen this
(Oct 13, 2018)
Lucasfilm was acquired by Disney, George Lucas no longer owns it.
(Oct 13, 2018)
You mean George Lucas? What does he have to do with any of that?
(Oct 13, 2018)
5.10 Guild Perks
(Oct 12, 2018)
PTS is live :)
(Oct 12, 2018)
Notes from Stream
(Oct 11, 2018)
Flair Code: SWCANTINA2018
(Oct 08, 2018)
Optimized 254 Class Stats (Thanks Iroland)
(Oct 07, 2018)
Tonight's lottery prize pot was 69.2 million credits with each winning roll getting them 23 million credits! The winners were: Cartel Warbot, Lexendra and Hiro 💰
(Oct 07, 2018)
Play in our 3-Winner 100k Guild Lottery ~ Prize pot over 27m already ~ Deposit 100k per ticket into Alpha guild bank ~ Draw TONIGHT@20:00 BST ~ Buy your tickets now!
(Oct 05, 2018)
The Mandalorian (ETA: 2019/2020)
(Oct 03, 2018)
Omg, thank you very much ^_^ 😙