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(Jul 25, 2021)
Congratulations to our 308m Guild Lottery winners: Darknell, Rukyn and Thulsad 💰
(Jul 22, 2021)
Hey N'nox :)
(Jul 22, 2021)
Hello guild
(Jul 17, 2021)
Not too shabby. That's child 2 about 2 years old and I'm about 2 weeks off of 40. Keep flirting with coming back to the game.
(Jul 17, 2021)
Yo how's it going?
(Jul 15, 2021)
Haha. Been so long since I've been here. 7 billion lottery! Jesus the game economy has went a bit crazy.
(Jul 11, 2021)
Congratulations to our 272m Guild Lottery winners: Shadgarr, Echo Sevenfour and Rukyn 💰
(Jul 09, 2021)
Hello all. At last summer and some vacations, (or at least I think so) :P
(Jul 06, 2021)
Guys sorry for the delay ..until end of july i will be on business trip. I will try to log in if i find some time....see you ...
(Jul 05, 2021)
(Jul 05, 2021)
Who got more than one winning roll ?
(Jul 04, 2021)
Congratulations to our 7 billion credit Guild Lottery winners: Akammeth, Lexendra, Rikachowski, Brecthor, Cam'ille and Xinovo 💰
(Jul 01, 2021)
New free item code from stream: LOTSofSWTOR Use it here
(Jun 27, 2021)
Congratulations to our 762m Guild Lottery winners: Tibi'atya, Echo Sevenfour and Turritopsis 💰
(Jun 22, 2021)
Yep :)
(Jun 22, 2021)
Encryption now 500k?(see guild shopping list)
(Jun 13, 2021)
Congratulations to our 523m Guild Lottery winners: Akammeth, Krwawie and Bästílä 💰