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(Sep 13, 2020)
Congratulations to our 151m Guild Lottery winners: Malkizid x2 and Cortevo 💰
(Sep 10, 2020)
Thx, why didn't I think about youtube? stuff on google failed me :-) I went slightly different way than in the video, but it works
(Sep 10, 2020)
How to install SWTOR on Steam without downloading it, I've not done this, just found it in a search
(Sep 09, 2020)
Can I get the steam achievements without reinstalling the game?
(Sep 06, 2020)
Website calendar times are in BST as default. You can change the timezone you see here.
(Sep 06, 2020)
Are the times listed for events gmt ?
(Aug 31, 2020)
If you want to join a raid team, the best thing to do is complete a raid application
(Aug 31, 2020)
Hello Ula Vii, what is the correct way to join an Operation team that is advertised on the site?
(Aug 30, 2020)
Congratulations to our 227m Guild Lottery winners: Seh'vayah, Doublelasers and Tishtanao 💰
(Aug 16, 2020)
Congratulations to our 41.8m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Lexendra and LastLust 💰
(Aug 15, 2020)
yes we are.
(Aug 15, 2020)
I'm back :) Is the clan still going strong?
(Aug 08, 2020)
Looking for people to help with Fleet Datacron this Sunday at 13:00 BST
(Aug 02, 2020)
Congratulations to our 85.6m Guild Lottery winners: Brecthor, Nøxa and Malkizid 💰
(Jul 23, 2020)
News Post: SMW 8 Years Of Victories
(Jul 21, 2020)
News Post: Return Of Legacy Scoring
(Jul 19, 2020)
Congratulations to our 68.6m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Seh'vayah and Spice Melange 💰