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(Dec 04, 2020)
15th Dec îs The start of Lifeday event. YOU can expect Yoyo Snowparcels Ltd to be online and taking Snowparcels orders :*
(Dec 03, 2020)
6.2 releases on 9th December
(Dec 01, 2020)
If you already have them then you won't get a mail. They are old mounts.
(Nov 30, 2020)
I used the code, but never got the mounts
(Nov 27, 2020)
CantinaLivestream2020 is the right code for mounts :) I used it now and it worked.
(Nov 27, 2020)
50% Collections unlock is active
(Nov 26, 2020)
Gods from the Machine HMx16 2nd group confirmed for Friday, go signup!
(Nov 22, 2020)
Congratulations to our 480m Guild Lottery winners: Azaeia, Cyberpunx and Sqpr 💰
(Nov 22, 2020)
read my message below Chaf's
(Nov 22, 2020)
Does anyone else have the problem that when you enter code and hit continue, it does not take you to the next page, Complete Code Redemption...?
(Nov 21, 2020)
ffs, three week with english kezboard and now being back I cannot find most of the symbols :-) not to mention switchning "y" and "z". and ref the mounts, probalbz, these all look the same, so who knows
(Nov 21, 2020)
Could be that you have the mounts already, check here.
(Nov 21, 2020)
Is the code still working? I am stuck at "enter code"
(Nov 21, 2020)
Get 4 mounts for free, login to SWTOR site's code redemption page and enter code LivestreamCantina2020
(Nov 21, 2020)
Yoyo, you got the screenshots to dispute that haha, I'm no Gent lol
(Nov 21, 2020)
(Nov 19, 2020)
Eastiano is a gentlemen :) he doesnt kiss and tell :)
(Nov 17, 2020)
Servers back up
(Nov 10, 2020)
I'm Good thanks! might pop by for Ranked on saturday, hopefully my internet is ok lol! hows everyone else been here?