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(Apr 26, 2020)
Pog @Exilove and young dailypvp
(Apr 26, 2020) Some old school videos for nostalgias sake.. found out i'd been using this outfit for almost 7 years now lol
(Apr 24, 2020)
Ok, ty
(Apr 23, 2020)
Hi - i have been busy lately with moving. Im back in the game now - i would like an invite. Ill see if i can find an officer online
(Apr 23, 2020)
Whisper any officer and they will be able to get you reinvited into guild
(Apr 23, 2020)
Hi again my friends. Havent played 3 years and would like to return. Can i join again? ty
(Apr 22, 2020)
Welcome back :)
(Apr 22, 2020)
Haven't played for several months. Was busy with work. Can i somehow rejoin the guild?
(Apr 21, 2020)
Server is up
(Apr 20, 2020)
forgot about lottery again. congrats.
(Apr 19, 2020)
Congratulations to our 96.8m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Coratanni Exploit and Horze 💰
(Apr 18, 2020)
Patch 6.1.1 Notes
(Apr 13, 2020)
hi all, sorry i have not been on much but hoping to get back on soon
(Apr 13, 2020)
google him then yoyo.. basically he would be one who always cheated ;)
(Apr 13, 2020)
Who's that? I dont watch CN. also HAHA he said "dick"...
(Apr 11, 2020)
yes yoyo,, why do I have feeling that you will be dick dastardly? ;)
(Apr 11, 2020)
" insane obstacle courses" ooo feels like Wacky Racers !!!