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(Nov 24, 2019)
@Val'borath I did many things with bitraider folder but finally I reinstalled launcher. It helped me. It takes just waiting verifying a bit
(Nov 24, 2019)
in case someone gets in the same place i am right now : no point on re-installing right now
(Nov 24, 2019)
Long shot but any officer on at 01:40 GMT now? Need a quick invite back in-had to help a bro start his guild
(Nov 22, 2019)
Amazon sale has already started
(Nov 22, 2019)
22nd looks like a "Black Friday" now :)
(Nov 22, 2019)
Does anyone have server connection issues or is it only me?
(Nov 21, 2019)
servs are back on
(Nov 20, 2019)
Read about our new conquest rewards system: Conquest Freedom!
(Nov 16, 2019)
maybe ask Nar'ra for Helsinki
(Nov 16, 2019)
hey beloved ones. anyone got recommendations for helsinki?
(Nov 14, 2019)
servers are up
(Nov 13, 2019)
6.0.1 Patch Notes
(Nov 10, 2019)
Congratulations to our 226.3m Guild Lottery winners: Chassmi and Jiim x2 💰
(Nov 08, 2019)
Please note that some of you will receive 2 mails with guild cq rewards - we have done 2 weeks at once,
(Nov 06, 2019)
well,seems nice drama comes from sin tanking since 1.1 when i started it up to 6.01:D