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(Jun 26, 2020)
Lots of ppl with same problem since patch. BW will have to fix.
(Jun 26, 2020)
reboot not solved, deleted many times bitraider folder and sercices.msc things and worked
(Jun 26, 2020)
reboot game/pc
(Jun 26, 2020)
anyone knows how to fix login? only can slect new chars, says downloading
(Jun 26, 2020)
the servers are down again??
(Jun 25, 2020)
cool story...
(Jun 25, 2020)
(Jun 24, 2020)
Server is up
(Jun 22, 2020)
yoyo: as a GSF fan, that looks awesome...lets wait and see if they deliver
(Jun 13, 2020)
Lexendra is streaming the speed racing contest:
(Jun 02, 2020)
servers up
(May 31, 2020)
Congratulations to our 93.7m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Brecthor and Minister Lorman 💰
(May 28, 2020)
What blue mats do we need? I have too much scrap
(May 24, 2020)
It will be next server event series we re-run
(May 24, 2020)
Any rough idea when well do pvp achievements?
(May 19, 2020)
server is up
(May 17, 2020)
Congratulations to our 96.7m Guild Lottery winners: Patsy Heneus, Lexendra and Seh'vayah 💰