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(Jan 22, 2020)
Is Mek-Sha small/medium/large planet for conquest? And which event is it? Thank you
(Jan 19, 2020)
Happy B-day Cara, best📦for you today :)
(Jan 19, 2020)
Happy Birthday Cara! :)
(Jan 19, 2020)
Happy Birthday Cara, younger every day 😄
(Jan 18, 2020)
i expected some bug to occur with this mats storage, so i kept all my mats still in legacy cargo.
(Jan 17, 2020)
Warning: Big Materials Inventory Bug
(Jan 17, 2020)
(Jan 16, 2020)
apologies for not being able to join tonight. undersea cables got damaged so most internation traffic is limited/non-existent
(Jan 12, 2020)
congrats to the winners
(Jan 12, 2020)
congratz :)
(Jan 12, 2020)
Congratulations to our 146.2m Guild Lottery winners: Thrassias, Magderp and Magnagdal 💰
(Jan 08, 2020)
Ty all fo coming tonight! Hope to see you again soon!
(Jan 07, 2020)
Hello, I'm playing again after a break; is it possible to invite Wriss'inl'adetra to the guild again?
(Jan 06, 2020)
Yes. We run the whole PvP Massacre series every few months.
(Jan 05, 2020)
Will we do Voss PVP achievements again one day. I missed the last one
(Jan 03, 2020)
servers up
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy New Year, best wishes to every Wookie here!
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy New Year :)
(Jan 01, 2020)
Happy new year!